Agent Provocateur: Maintaining mental health in troubled times

A couple of weeks before we were all told to stay inside, we recorded the latest in a series of #MyPropertyStories with Jonathan Werth. His chosen subject, with no knowledge of what was coming down the line – unless you’ve got something to tell us Jonathan – was mental health in our industry. Amazingly prescient, as I’m beginning to discover sitting here.

For many of us the stress of piloting our businesses thorough this period is enough without having to endure the vagaries of self isolation. It’s easy to whinge at those up the ladder, i.e. Gov’t – although personally I feel they’re doing an OK job right now – but learning NOT to kick those on the same rung as you can be the difficult bit. Kids, partners, exercise, pets, usual household stuff, cancelled weddings, elderly relatives, schooling, moving, shopping – the list goes on and on.

I’m used to working from home, but on day 11 I’m feeling it already. The novelty is wearing off and an inability to time manage and simply jumping from one video call to the next with no ‘travel’ time in between is proving testing at the very least. Staff are worried about going on furlough this week and the dichotomy of having Gov’t pay 80%, but they can’t do ANY work at all, seems something that maybe could have been better thought out. Our staff are desperate to keep contributing somehow and guess we just have to hope that when restrictions are lifted everyone will be OK and get up and running quickly.

Mental health is going to be something we all have to watch and given we’re all in this together I’d love to be able to share more of what you’re all doing to keep yourselves sane, so if you have a video to share about getting through this it might well help someone else. Have a look at Jonathan’s one on our site and please send us your contributions there too – I’ll make sure they get aired.

Stay safe, personal health first, business health second.

* Ed Mead is co-founder of outsourced viewings service Viewber


Are you working from home these days? What are you finding challenging? Have you found unexpected benefits? Drop EYE a line and let us know.

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  1. Tara Meeks

    Hello, I am a property developer/landlord and letting agent, I am also a fully trained hypnotherapist and just finishing my training in RTT (Rapid transformational Therapy)  I can work with all issues, anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, stress, uncertainty – to mention only a few. Mental health comes before everything if this is nurtured and looked after, and taken control of …… everything else will fall into place. I am sure that we could all go down the rabbit hole of anxiety and what if’s ……… or we can choose to think differently. I have found self exploration and control over my thinking patterns – invaluable – and the next few months this will be needed more than ever. Please contact me if you would like a free discovery call, or would like to learn more about hypnotherapy and RTT.  I am offering free sessions to build up my experience, and would be happy to help people in my industry. 
    With regards to employees working in the lettings arena, the people who work for me are also are experiencing feelings of loss and trying to feel motivated (working from home is not that great it requires structure) Good habits/structure & self development are vital during this time.  we are continuing with our education in this field and other fields to gain a feeling of acheivement.
    Tara Meeks

  2. Ed Mead

    Thanks Tara, hopefully some will connect and take you up on your offer. I’ll certainly be connecting.

  3. TipsyKoi1966

    A point well made by Ed. Even the most resilient homeworkers  will be feeling the strain. I had to laugh at Piers Morgan today when he said he couldn’t decide whether to drink his glass of wine in the kitchen or in the downstairs loo.


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