Agent furious after blogs are copied on another agent’s website

An agent who writes weekly blogs found that another agent was reproducing them word for word on their own website.

Michelle Wilden, of JDG Estate Agents, says she only found out that her words were being used by JBM Estate Agents because another agent tipped her off.

She told EYE that she had traced use of her blogs all the way back to February this year.

She claimed the other agents had also used her ‘selling tips’ columns.

She said: “My blogs are quite personal. For example, I might talk about how I have been sitting in a client’s house that morning, so to see those exact words reproduced by another agent makes me very angry.

“I am going to call them, although they have said they will not speak to me. They have also blocked me on Facebook and Twitter.”

She said she was particularly concerned as to how her Google ranking might have been affected.

A furious altercation unfolded yesterday and the day before on social media as Wilden demanded explanations.

She tweeted: “Hello @jbmestateagents please could you let me know why you are using MY BLOG as your own? I wrote this.”

JBM replied: “The articles referred to have been removed. Thanks for bringing the matter to our attention.”

The firm later tweeted: “The articles should not have been reproduced without the correct permission being obtained. Apologies.”

Unimpressed, Wilden tweeted: “@jbmestateagents as I said, I would prefer to speak to you. I would like to know why? I write every piece myself. It takes hours. Why?”

She later tweeted: “I can feel a new blog coming on . . .”

JDG Estate Agents operates in the Lancaster and Morecambe area, whereas JBM Estate Agents are based in the Scottish borders.

JBM Estate Agents told EYE yesterday: “Some of Michelle’s property articles were reproduced without her permission. They have been removed and our sincere apologies have been tweeted and emailed to Michelle.

“We will be introducing stricter guidelines and tightening our procedures in relation to the content that is published on our social media platforms going forward.”


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  1. agency negotiation limited

    The terminology in Law is “passing off” which in itself is very serious. Notwithstanding, it portrays the offending agency as one that can’t think for itself! Charitable donations spring to mind.

  2. Property Personnel

    I know how you feel Michelle. Another recruitment agency copied one of our blogs recently, not quite word for word, but almost – they did change part of the heading and a few other words, but published it a week after ours! After several emails, they have now ‘altered’ it, but no apology whatsoever, and no attributing it to us. To make matters worse, they work with law firms!! Very frustrating.

  3. smile please

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    But can be frustrating!

  4. GPL

    Embarrassing, Unprofessional….. & Lazy…. 3 Good Reasons not to use the Stealer Agent’s Services.

  5. GPL

    and JBM’s Company Vision & Aims from their website


    “Our company vision is to be the best independent estate agents and the property professionals of choice.” 





  6. Clarkuk

    I’ve seen it happen all over.

    Good job for spotting it, best check our literature is still our literature!

    Not quite the diplomatic approach I would have taken, but obviously effective.

    I know all publicity is good publicity, supposedly, but do be careful about how you portray yourself on twitter, you don’t want to be seen as airing your dirty laundry in public. And I can see they didn’t want to talk to you but remember diplomacy is the key. What i’m saying is the response in my eyes was a valid one, just be mindful of how that makes you look to the public especially on social media.

    Maybe instead of guns blazing consider the fact you want to speak to the person responsble


  7. Eric Walker

    I never minded competitors ‘passing off’ articles – but the plagiarists needed to read them carefully. Google dislikes duplication and it didn’t help their SEO. One agent even copied and pasted including the name of the company I was running – now that’s lazy. That said, Michelle’s excellent blogs are always have a rather unique personal touch so I understand why she was so cross.


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