Agent ditches high street branch and company targets to go solo

A former Winkworth and Foxtons agent has gone solo in an attempt to escape company targets and give “genuine advice” to those buying or selling property.

Josh Tenenblat, a branch manager for Winkworth and assistant manager for Foxtons over the past decade, has launched his own sales dedicated brand titled JT Homes.

Tenenblat told EYE he is ditching the high street branch and is currently working from home before moving to a serviced office.

Ditching a branch, he explains, means he does not need to worry about maintaining a high street office and could focus on clients instead.

He said: “Buyers don’t come through the door. A branch is good for rentals but not sales, it is just about having a presence.

“I will meet clients at the properties and also eventually from an office.”

JT Homes will focus on the London areas of Hendon, Golders Green, Finchley and Hampstead Garden Suburb, the areas he previously covered at the Winkworth and Foxtons branches.

Tenenblat says he will be offering a more personalised service and wants to change the way people view estate agents.

Unlike other agents, Tenenblat said, he is from the area he serves and so in many cases will be working with his friends and neighbours.

He said: “There comes a time when a person with energy and ambition decides to move out of their comfort zone and use their skills and talents to build something for himself, his family and hopefully to also benefit the community.

“Having been involved in hundreds of property transactions and been through the buying and selling process in a personal capacity too, I fully understand what an emotional experience home buying can be, with large sums at stake and the unavoidable risk that the deal may fall through.

“I focus on providing a personal approach and giving quality advice tailored to each and every client, seeking to make their property transaction as stress-free as possible.

“I am truly passionate about successfully matching people with homes and believe in really getting to know each client in order to gain a proper understanding of what they are hoping to achieve.”

He has taken a novel approach to the launch with a competition to win two Red Letter Days experience vouchers worth £200 each.

The prizes will go to whoever takes the most creative selfie next to one of his agency boards dotted around north-west London.

Entrants must follow JT Homes on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and post their picture with the #SelfieWithJT.

He currently has five properties listed on his website but says a few are off-market currently.

Listings will eventually appear on Rightmove and Zoopla but Tenenblat said he is waiting for some IT issues to be resolved.


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  1. Ric

    Good luck to anyone going it alone… Hope it works out well for you, and no reason why it shouldn’t.

    He currently has five properties listed on his website but says a few are off-market currently.
    Oh dear.

    Start as you mean to go on,

    1. Peter

      Maybe the competition should be based on finding a board!

      In all seriousness, I wish him well.



  2. Countrybumpkin

    Good luck but this isn’t news…

  3. smile please

    Always good to see someone starting out (as long as its not in my patch).

    Best of luck to him, think he may need it!

  4. RichardHill61

    Can someone please explain how “ditching a shop/office” (place for your staff to go to work) actually improves client service and satisfaction?

    Fed up with hearing about expensive shops (overheads) being aired as a reason for not giving superb & professional levels of customer service!

    Most medium sized firms have 6-12 staff depending on whether they do lettings. A shop not only provides a good place for them to work but also acts as an excellent subliminal advertising medium that’s also quite reasonable compared to the portals!

    Its worth pointing out that all agents are online only! (Although some still spend a lot on other types of advertising too!) It’s just some work from a nice “high street” shop and not out of a car boot!

    Good luck JT!



    1. PeeBee


      “Can someone please explain how “ditching a shop/office” (place for your staff to go to work) actually improves client service and satisfaction?”

      Same thing claimed yesterday on another EYE article.  Must be true – maybe we should all do it.


      Or maybe not. 

      ‘cos it doesn’t, of course.  But when an Agent opens up without that major benefit – whether it be that they can’t afford the branch… or they can’t get one where they want it… or whatever other real reason there is… they are going to spout the ******** and hope that some people believe it aren’t they.

      Bit like when a company’s star performer leaves – the standard thing said the minute they walk out of the door is “they were never any good anyway”… is it not?

      Sure-fire sign that something’s valuable – when those without that ‘something’ feel the need to tell people that it has no value at all!



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