Agent aged 20 becomes Hunters’ youngest franchisee

Hunters Bishop Auckland web

Ella Steadman-Lloyd, left, with her two members of staff, Caitlyn Nelson and Rosie Kluz

Hunters has announced its youngest-ever franchisee. She is Ella Steadman-Lloyd, aged 20, who has launched at Bishop Auckland, County Durham.

She left school at 18 and went on an apprentice scheme to study business management before training as a financial underwriter.

She has launched the Hunters franchise with some backing from her family.

She said: “I am really excited about my first endeavour into the property sector and am thrilled to be making this step of having my own business with Hunters.

“I have a finance background and I wanted to try something new, and as the property market is so active at the moment I thought it was a great time to get involved. I have chosen a young, enthusiastic team to work with me at the branch.

“I hope that we will take a fresh approach to estate agency and enliven the property scene here in Bishop Auckland.

“We already have a number of properties on our books – I am really excited about the future of the business.”

Andy Bushell, sales director at Hunters Property Group, said: “Ella is our youngest-ever franchisee and it is great to have someone so eager and hard-working on board.

“As a franchisor, we will not only support Ella and her business in the key areas of marketing, technology, training and communication, but work in partnership with her to ensure that the business is a success.”

* Hunters has also announced that Knightstone Estate Agents in Harborne, Birmingham, has rebranded following its merger with Hunters in the west midlands. Simon Redhead, Dean Meyrick and Andy Thomas will stay on as franchise owners.


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  1. wilko

    I wish this young lady well. What I want to know is why newcomers come out with mission statements like "“I hope that we will take a fresh approach to estate agency and enliven the property scene here in Bishop Auckland" What does taking a "fresh approach to estate agency" mean exactly. Why don't newcomers just say they are "Great Estate Agents" ?

  2. MF

    Good luck to you, Ella! I started my business when I was 22 (still remember clearly that first day – and most of the ones leading up to it), and I'm not that shy of 50 now!

    1. esl

      Hi, thanks MF for the kind words (and everyone else), I intend to be successful by working hard with my team the same as most of you. With regard to a fresh approach, well quotes aren't always "quotes" …. as with everything in life discipline and hard work in good times as well as bad will ensure businesses will still be here in 5 years time or 50 years.

  3. Taff

    I’m sure we all wish Ella Steadman-Lloyd the best, but I can’t help wondering … didn’t we ALL start off full of enthusiasm and excitement and looking to set the world alight by offering a “fresh approach”? The true test will be to see if she DOES bring a fresh approach to estate agency, and how enthusiastic she is after 30 years. Me, cynical? I wonder why?

    1. PeeBee

      I would hope (…and firmly expect…) that your enthusiasm and excitement is just as razor-sharp today as it was 'back in the day, Taff! She unfortunately comes in disadvantaged to us old stagers – the music was waaaay better then… ;o)

      1. Taff

        I too would LIKE to say that I am as razor-sharp today as I was when trotted off up the M4 to the smoke (rucksack on my back) to start college, but a razor has not yet been invented that still remains as razor-sharp after 35 years as the day it came out of the packet. Razors which have had 35 years of constant and hard use just go blunt.

  4. PeeBee

    Oh, dear – sorry to be a cynical old curmudgeon – of course I welcome 'new blood' into our industry. They have to come in somewhere – in exactly the same way I cut my teeth at 16 – but the lady states "I wanted to try something new, and as the property market is so active at the moment I thought it was a great time to get involved." Does that read "things are picking up so it's a good time to jump on the merry-go-round" to those that have seen "new entrants" come and go by the bucketful? What happens the second the wind changes direction…? Exactly the same as we see time after time. That being said – Hunters are nobody's fool and I'll respect their judgment that the lady is a viable representative for their business. Ms Steadman-Lloyd – I also wish you well. If you're still treading these boards at 25, I'll be delighted to take my hat off to you. So… see you here in 5 years. I sincerely hope.


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