Agency offers to pay compensation after being taken to a tribunal

A couple in Edinburgh have been offered £6,000 in compensation after claiming their rental flat was filled with damp and mould.

Renters Grace and her partner Hafeez moved into a property in Stenhouse in January, but within a few weeks of living there, they noticed water building up in skirting boards, damp patches, and mould creeping onto her belongings.

The couple took the letting agency Murray and Currie to a tribunal which found repair work fell below standard. The letting agents, which managed the property, was ordered to carry out repair work by 20 September. But after they failed to do so, the renters protested outside their Edinburgh office last week to demand compensation and a rent rebate of 40%.

Murray and Currie agreed to a meeting and after discussions, Grace and Hafeez were offered £6,000 in compensation.

Grace told Edinburgh Live: “We have been asking for months for the damp and mould issues in our flat to be investigated and repaired. The mould in the property has gotten so bad it’s spread to clothing, shoes, electronic items and furniture. We’ve lost a huge number of items that have been so badly damaged by the mould.

“It simply isn’t acceptable that rental properties can be left in this state and that we as tenants have to suffer the consequences; financially, mentally and physically.”

She continued: “The main bedroom is the worst. That’s where I noticed the water in the skirting boards. The wallpaper was peeling off and there is a strong smell of damp. Our belongings started getting mould on them, and it doesn’t matter how much you wash or bleach them, it is in the fibres now.”

She explained that Murray and Currie partially repaired the wallpaper earlier this year, however, after taking the estate agency to a tribunal, it was found in favour of the tenants that the property was below standards. The estate agents were given the deadline of September 20 to complete a range of work and investigations to ensure the flat is dry and air and watertight.

It is understood that Murray and Currie will now carry out the required works.



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