Advertising watchdog takes no further action on complaints against two major agents

Two well known agents, Arun Estates and Hunters, were the subject of complaints to the advertising watchdog.

Both complaints were whether the number of listings on the agent’s own websites were accurate about the number of bedrooms listed in one property.

The Advertising Standards Authority yesterday did not make it clear whether the complainant and the property were the same in both cases.

The agents agreed to amend the adverts and no more action was taken by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The cases do appear to call into question how minor some challenges seem to be and whether recipients of such complaints deserve to have their names highlighted.


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One Comment

  1. Clarkuk

    these could be small accidental mistakes they shouldn’t be dragged through the mud.

    BUT on the other hand they should get it right first time, the vendor should be checking these aswell and signing them off. innacurate details have no excuse!!!


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