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Property Industry Eye is adapting to a world that feels as if it has turned upside down. We had all seen it coming for weeks but nevertheless the changes have been extraordinarily swift and dramatic. Whilst enormously disruptive and financially serious for many businesses its amazing how people adapt to adversity, and I think that even in these early days we can already see signs of acceptance of the new ‘normality’.

Here at EYE we are taking a pragmatic view of how things are likely to go in the coming weeks and months. If everyone follows the government advice, uses common sense, and realises that careless or selfish individual actions can have widespread and potential devastating consequences, it will make life and work, in a time of isolation and distancing, a whole lot more bearable – and we’ll get through it in a shorter timescale.

Many of you have been kind enough to tell us that in this difficult period EYE is viewed, even more than usual, as a key source of reliable information for the industry. Someone wrote to say ‘Your reporting has never been so important.’ and we take that responsibility very seriously indeed. We will do our best to keep you connected and informed. It’s clear you want to keep in touch because the read and comment counts on some stories are truly spectacular!


We will bring you the news on a daily basis but you will understand that there may not be quite such a quantity of stories as you are used to seeing. We will be extra careful about the use of ‘News Flashes’. When we do one you can be assured it will merit the title of ‘News Flash’. Any other important information that we feel you should know about right away will be titled, ‘EYE Information Update’.


We are conscious that suppliers to the industry are facing a temporary but serious downturn. If agents are not earning then they are unlikely to be spending. For companies with resources and savings there is something of a cushion. They can continue their messaging and will weather this storm and be ready to get back to ‘business as usual’ in due course. But for smaller companies the prospect of much reduced or zero income for an unspecified period is of course extremely concerning.

At EYE we want to do something to help. We have trimmed our costs and we have some lovely, long-term clients who are continuing to spend with us. We are extremely grateful to them. This enables us to continue our news coverage and to make an offer to help small suppliers through this lean patch.

For industry suppliers with a turnover of less than £250,000 per annum (last published accounts) we are offering a free advertisement on EYE for the time being. No charge. No strings. All we ask is that you are still ‘open for business’ in the sense that you or your staff are available by phone or email and that you can respond to potential customers if they want to contact you. It’s a way of letting people know you are still around and that one day there will be business to be done again.

Supply us with a 72dpi jpeg file measuring 300px wide by 125px deep, and a URL to point at. This offer is subject to availability. Send your advertisement to me: nick@propertyindustryeye.com

At this testing time, when we are all ‘in it together’, clear communication has never been more necessary or important; especially now that so many of us are working from home and may feel a bit cut off from the usual office cameraderie. We trust that you and your loved ones will remain safe throughout and that you will continue enjoying and contributing to EYE with all your comments, views and news.

We WILL get through this!

Kind regards

Nick Salmon
Managing Director
Property Industry Eye


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  1. Retiredandrelaxed

    Thanks Nick – nice message. All the best to the Eye team. As you say, “We WILL get through this”


    1. Sarriea101

      It’s great you are continuing your great work. I commented earlier in Adam Walkers IMHO poor timed post, that at this time people feel vulnerable, scared and uncertain. We need news, but we need to remain positive, optimistic, valued and be focused on recovery. Please discourage gloom catastophizing stories that evoke panic and fear.

      Stay well.



  2. Whaley

    Fantastic to see you helping out like that . Hats off to PIE as ever

  3. Eric Walker

    Well said Nick and I am sure much appreciated by all.

  4. mark lock

    Nice words at a time when many (if not all) of us are anxious to say the least. Good luck to us all, stay safe fellow agents!

  5. Robert Sargent

    Dear Nick and Ros
    Wise words and thank you.
    This is the first time I can remember that the whole world is on the same side?! I can’t miss this opportunity, perhaps we should all remind Rightmove of that fact!
    Rob Sargent
    CEO – The Acorn Group


    1. J1

      Are you coming off RM Robert?

      You haven’t said…….

      1. Property Pundit

        Nah, he still thinks three months free is the answer then all can be forgiven.

    2. GPL


      Okay Rob….. you don’t know me, however that makes Zero difference.


      I have said already, directly to You via PIE (which you read) GO HARD or GO HOME


      You know what that means Rob. If you step forward as the “pointy” end of the SAY NO TO RIGHTMOVE, you are then putting yourself forward, by gathering followers, you are leading, by leading you need to be clear about what your motives/objectives are….. I’m sensing an “Opportunity” that is not being maximised, for whatever reason?


      Is the problem that your position as CEO of Acorn Group means you have to be “on the fence” ?


      Revenge against Rightmove is a wasted opportunity …….but so is an approach which has no long term impact.


      It’s all fine & well to applaud your efforts as Captain of The Good Ship Unhappy …….however, it’s an Unique Opportunity to change the direction/impact on Our Industry.


      Personally, I sense divided loyalties Rob ……that won’t deliver for Our Industry.


      We’re all equal Rob, however, despite inferring that you’re not really leading a rebellion, you guys/gals follow if you want to? ………you have stepped forward Rob.


      Don’t be the “Nearly Man” Rob.



      1. J1

        He probably doesn’t want to miss out on the freebies to the Monaco Grand Prix or Cowes week that the leading agents are treated to……

        1. GPL

          I couldn’t possibly say J1
          ……although, when I was carrying Mr Sargent’s bags to the helicopter he was kind enough to give me a tip
          …….”put all your money on Rightmove” he said,
          I replied…. “I already have …..that’s why I have to carry your bags!”

  6. Tim Heather

    Keeping the industry informed. Thank you.

    I personally thoughts Adams piece was genuine and practical. Sentiment misplaced now wont allow a business to survive to employ…

  7. J1

    Thank you so much for the amazing job you do PIE

  8. majortom1

    Excellent Piece. Keep up the good work

  9. GPL


    A “Virtual” Round of Applause for Ros & Nick.


    Thank You for PIE ……it’s the Vocal Lifeboat in both Calm & Stormy Industry Seas.


    It’s even more important Now!



  10. smile please

    Fantastic community spirit.


    I hope Homesearch can take advantage of the offer to help the industry get out of the grips of Rightmove. Would love to see a collaboration between eye and Homesearch.



  11. Robert Sargent

    Dear All

    Rest assured I am not sitting on the fence or backing off.

    Whether you have come off RM already, are thinking about it or just need 3 months tariff free no strings attached,  please do not wane from supporting SNTR.

    Our industry should not be subject to a charging model of the type we have suffered for so many years.

    I now have assembled a team dealing with SNTR, although one of our key PR Managers has been taken ill and he is stepping away for obvious reasons to see how his symptoms develop.

    We are all remote working, but we have a nucleus of 6 people now galvanising support.

    Meanwhile my Co-Directors and I are managing the change in working practices in The Acorn Group.

    I hope that makes sense.

    Please also feel free to email me directly. Time is gradually coming to me in greater supply.

    Thank you

    Rob Sargent
    CEO – The Acorn Group


  12. Floras Dad

    Well said Nick, everybody (well, almost everybody) seems to be batting for the same side for a change.


  13. PropertyRecruiter06

    Well said Nick, and great that PIE is able to support the industry as a whole, Agents and Suppliers alike.

    As you have said, we WILL get through this!

  14. Eyereaderturnedposter12

    Well said…Your team’s excellent work I’m sure, has been invaluable to many of us, over the years…

    With thanks,

  15. Industrycommentator

    Well done – just need all the CRM providers to pause/suspend charges – after all what are they adding to the industry at this time #reapit #alto

  16. Lance Trendall

    So Nick, when are you going to launch a free to agents property portal?

    You’ve become one of the most trusted figures in the industry, you’ve been an agent so understand our pain, you know how to capture revenue from advertising to help find a portal.


    Anyone back Nick on this?

    Thanks for what you do already.

    Best wishes





    1. Nick Salmon, M.D. Property Industry Eye

      Jolly kind of you Lance – but I have got my work cut out as it is…!

  17. htsnom79

    My appreciation too, can’t actually remember when I found the site and I was passive for a good while before commenting, there is solid agency fu here, need to increase numbers.


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