Students facing increasing rents as landlords snub university lets

Rents in top university towns have increased by up to 10% and some landlords are snubbing students in the most in-demand areas, according to

Almost a third of rooms in existing house and flatshares in the UK’s top 30 universities aren’t even available as some landlords are unwilling to let to students, the flatshare website has revealed.

Just 59% and 54% of rooms in house and flatshares in Exeter and Southampton respectively are available to students.

The website analysed listings data from the second quarter of 2016 compared with a year ago and found that landlords in Oxford have increased rents by the most from £507 to £557 per month.

Matt Hutchinson, director of, said: “Students aren’t just balling rising rents, they’re also affected by a private rental market struggling to cope with demand. That means choosing where you go to uni can have a huge impact on your debt after you graduate.

“The difference between rents for students at Imperial College in London, compared to those studying at St Andrew’s in Scotland, is a massive £792 a month. Over a three-year course the difference is eye-watering.

“Even choosing Durham over Oxford could save you more than £7,000 in rent over three years.”

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  1. ringi

    I was expecting student rents to have increased more in Oxford due to the council taking rooms of the market with increased regulation on room sizes etc.
    Given that most student rooms are not listed on (as most universities/towns have their own setup with approved agents etc.), the stats about the number of landlords on willing to take students are not that meaningful.


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