25 viewings in one Open day – was it wise?

This posting on LinkedIn caused an EYE reader to raise an eyebrow over the wisdom of having 25 viewings in one day in a single property.


As the agent is with eXp we asked Adam Day, International Expansion Leader at eXp if he could confirm the circumstances.

He told us:

“Yes they were all physical viewings.

“The property is completely empty and the viewings were booked across the course of the day and our agent stood outside whilst each of the viewers went in one at a time.

“Our agent had hand sanitiser for each of the viewers going in and coming out, along with spare gloves and masks which every viewer wore whilst going round – there was also a bin to dispose of the masks and gloves as viewers left the property.

“We’re extremely happy with the measures that Arfan took to support our client and the sale of the property, whilst bearing in mind the measures in place.

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  1. Becky E

    Please can someone clarify for me this situation.  My understanding of the government guidelines is NO OPEN DAYS and all purchasers have to be proceedable.  Ie cash, ftb with AIP in place or under offer with completed chain.  I have been following these to the letter but lots of other agents near to me are letting in any Tom, Dick or Harry and not even using PPE in some cases.  I want to follow the letter of the law but other people just flouting it but by the same token cannot afford to lose sales in these unchartered waters.  Any thoughts gratefully received.  Polite ones only!!!

    1. letstalk

      You are right and you are doing the right thing.

      I run a letting only business and we carefully vet everyone prior to viewing to confirm their genuine interest and that they are proceedable, but have been told time and again that many agents aren’t taking the same approach in our area.

      Do I care, no. Why? Because at the end of this I know I haven’t put others at risk, I can sleep easy at night knowing that what I did didn’t contribute to the spread of this pandemic. I also know that we are getting the absolute best tenants for our landlords properties because they are prepared to make the effort required up-front to see them! I also know that it makes my business stands head and shoulders above many others not doing what they should and it shows how fast moving and adaptable to change we are as a business, so make sure you shout about what you are doing from the rooftops, and why you are doing it.

      1. jeremy1960

        We too are being very strict and careful but find it frustrating to be told by viewers that no other agents are bothering putting everyone at risk.

      2. Becky E

        Will definitely shout from the rooftops. Good idea and thanks for comments. Have just been so frustrated. I, too, agree about being able to sleep at night but some prospective purchasers are getting so angry and not taking on board the risks but I am not compromising either my staff, me or my vendors   Stay safe

    2. anthony@kerrigans.co.uk

      Yes the rules state NO OPEN DAYS no matter what PPE. We have done a double viewing with a 30 minute gap to make sure there is no crossover. But I think we need to go a bit further…….Purchasers and tenants  that are obviously visiting many properties and being allowed to break the rules by incompetent or greedy agents; We are not allowing them to visit our property, because we think they are high risk. NAEA & ARLA need to do more to clarify rules.

    3. PeeBee

      “My understanding of the government guidelines is… all purchasers have to be proceedable.”
      Sorry – can you direct me to that particular ‘guideline’ please, Becky E?
      I’m all for safety for those doing the job – and I’m one of the unregistered statistic so I know how goddarn awful CV-19 is – but for the life of me can’t understand the theory that proceedable buyers are somehow less likely to transmit this chuffing disease.
      And on a wider plain – how is that little nugget of nonsense in any way a good or sensible thing to oil the wheels of our industry?

  2. JonnyBanana43

    This is a disgrace and Arfan should be ashamed of himself, not boasting on Linkd.

    The rules are the rules. Doesn’t matter how much hand sanitiser you use; open days are off limits.

    Follow the guidelines. Why is it SO difficult for people to understand?

  3. DASH94

    Covid aside (just for a minute), but 25 viewings???

  4. Certus

    Open days were specifically banned – idiots!

    Additionally I ask for a copy of a driving licence before confirming viewings. works well.

  5. eduardo

    I think there is a difference in some people’s interpretation of ‘open day’. Some mean it as a free for all where people just come in and out – clearly not allowable under the current circumstances.

    Others mean it be more of a ‘viewing day’ – separate scheduled appointments (with a gap in between each one for cleaning, pre-covid there may have been little or no gap).

    Spaced properly I would say ‘viewing days’ are ok, but will still get described by agents as ‘open days’ because they always have done!

    25 separate viewings however, thats a long day if done properly!

  6. RealAgent

    Also unless this was an auction, which it doesn’t specify this was Going Once, Going Twice, UNDER OFFER!…….


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