Reasons NOT to use an online agent

If you are a high street agent in defensive mood, then you might like to take a look at a blog that marshals six arguments as to the pitfalls of using online agents.

On the website of London agent Mountgrange Heritage, it starts by pointing out that it is the buyer who makes the saving, not the seller.

Why? Because an online agent is unlikely to negotiate hard to get the best price for the seller – and buyers know this and use it to their advantage.

As for managing your own viewings, that can be troublesome: “There is good reason why most agents insist their client is not home during viewings – buyers and sellers should never meet, not in the first instance at least.

“When the vendor is present for a viewing a buyer will feel like they are intruding and will spend much less time in the property and therefore unlikely to pay full attention to all of its virtues.”

Then there is the little matter of progression, not to mention the fact that many buyers have no real idea what they want and that successful deals are often about compromise, choice and opportunity.

The blog ends: “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, just wait until you hire an amateur.”


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  1. AdamWalker98

    Good perspective, enjoyed that…

    1. Bless You

      Totally agree. Honest agents now have 2 choices:

      Keep ignoring them and not fan any flames which will give purpleshits more exposure,


      we need away to inform the public ‘somehow’ just how bad this media led logic of saving money on fee’s at the cost of service really is.



    2. Bless You

      Also,,,,why is it that 90% of purplebricks customers also have a brexit sign in their garden??

      #bitter #angry #think they know better types.

  2. agency negotiation limited

    The purely online agency will surely go the way of the e-reader which is fast becoming “one of the shortest lived of all consumer devices”, according to Enders Analysis. There is no logical reason for choosing such a soul-less offering.

    Far better for vendors to take the time (instead of watching Game of Thrones) and make an effort to understand what benefits arise from using a great, rather than simply good, high street agency


  3. RealAgent

    One of the most succinct list of reasons not to use an online agent I’ve read. Hats off to the authors.

  4. Paulfromromsey87

    A recent purchaser, having collected the keys to her new home, had to return to the house she had just sold to wait for the buyer and hand over the keys herself.  PB’s ‘local property expert’ was not local enough to do it for her!!

    1. Zezima

      We’ve been asked by PB clients to hold keys for the buyers for them!

  5. Property Paddy

    I can think of another reason.

    In my experience sellers choose the price they want to sell at. usually it’s far too high for market because they have invited the local agents around been told the price, not happy, tried PB or similar who just want the listing irrelevant of actually servicing the client after they got their fee.

    I find PB suggested 77% conversion rate very hard to swallow, even the 66% adjusted by Mr May, seems unlikely.

    I do wonder if sellers naïve enough to just assume PB “local expert” knows enough about the local market did they short sell ?

  6. John Harding

    6 local agents value a property between 105k and 110k my valuation was 110k an online agent won the instruction and put the property on for 130k so much for their local knowledge,  the property is still up for sale 7 months on, the property is in North Cheshire the online agent was based in the West Midlands says it all really.

  7. Yorkshire Agent

    Just negotiated the purchase of a property from an internet agent on behalf of a client.    Our client in this case makes a significant saving by paying for our experience and expertise in negotiations, result delighted client.

    1. Property Paddy

      You could be on to something there.

      I like the idea of agents being retained to negotiate where the seller is clearly misguided by using an on line call centre.


      1. Zezima

        (Conversation after explaining pros/cons of online agents)

        “Even if you end up finding through an online agent, as your selling agent we will be able to offer to you our services of negotiation even on your purchase – A skill which could result in saving you thousands…”

        You get what you pay for…and depending on your choice, you really will be paying for it..


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