Arena Guide

The Arena contains individual Forums that cover specific industry-related subjects.

Within each Forum registered EYE readers can create the Topics for discussion, debate and exchanges of information.

On the Arena homepage you’ll find a list of the Forums, the newest topics, and the most recent posts.

To get things rolling EYE has set up the first forums, some with a few starter topics. We’ll refine the initial Forum list when we see how often each one is used. If you want to see a new forum subject email us ( and we’ll consider adding it.

NOTE: If you want to copy and paste text from a comment on a news story or from a Word document, first paste it into a plain-text programme such as Notepad. Then copy and paste from there. In this way you will avoid all the formatting coding from showing.

If you are already a registered EYE user go right ahead and start using the Arena forums. Go into the Forum of your choice and there you can post on existing topics or start a new topic.

If you haven’t yet registered, click here.