Winner of online estate agent of the year award shrugs off booing

The winner of Online Estate Agent of the Year has shrugged off booing when his category was announced at a national awards ceremony.

One high street agent who was at last week’s Negotiator ceremony said he was thoroughly ashamed when mass booing broke out among the 250 or so attendees at the prestigious event – see next story.

However, the winner – Alex Gosling of HouseSimple – said he was unconcerned by the negative reaction.

Gosling told EYE: “We are really proud to have won the award for the third year running.

“We work tirelessly on customer service, which is no mean feat when you are growing so fast.

“We have consolidated our position as the UK’s second largest online agency and are gaining rapidly on the market leader.

“The booing, whilst perhaps a little unsporting, didn’t concern us and simply made us feel like we’re clearly doing something right.”

Sheila Manchester, editorial director of The Negotiator, said she had not heard the booing and was unaware that there had been.

She told EYE: “That’s the first I’ve heard about it, I didn’t hear anyone booing, but if there was, I’d like to know who it was.

“With 730 guests, I guess it’s likely that one or two won’t know how to behave, but the overriding noise last Tuesday was cheers, clapping, whooping and backslapping!

“It was a fantastic gathering of the UK’s best agents, and we can’t wait to do it all again next year.”



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  1. Quickbrit

    Sheila Manchester gets quote of the year – in the bathroom perhaps?

  2. GlennAckroyd

    There was a small amount of boo-ing – I took it as ironic and light hearted TBH and thought it was funny.

    Alex should be proud. If his award engendered such a reaction it shows that his business is doing something right against his competitors.

  3. Estate Agent W1

    Is Sheila Manchester the Arsen Wenger of the Estate Agency world then – ‘I did not hear it’ – ‘I did not see it’ 🙂

  4. LondonR90

    “We work tirelessly on customer service”

    Can someone help me here?

    Is this the same House Simple who rank so poorly on Trustpilot?

    I would be ashamed of feedback like that. They have a feedback score of 7.7 – which explains why they might have removed themselves from any categories. Becuase if by chance they were listed in any categories they would rank as follows:

    61st out of 91 best property companies

    50th out 60 best estate agents

    30th out of 38 best property leasing companies


    So well done guys on all that great customer services.

    Those agents above them who provide real value and real customer service will just have to wait for their recognition and deserved awards. Or just pay a load of cash and enter a load of awards – you can’t lose 😉

  5. P-Daddy

    Quality reviews…don’t you love the online world…
    Flat Sale
    I recently signed up with HouseSimple to sell my flat. As of yet I have had no problems with their service.I am unable to review them fully at the present as the process has only just started.


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