Why don’t the industry bodies give us some figures we can use?

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    Now guys and gals

    What I would like to discuss is everyone using different figures in their advertising!!

    I saw some figures today on an online agent and they were all made up (my opinion)

    the ASA must get loads of calls and emails about misleading figures on online adverts,  surely it would be better to publish figures, give us a timescale to change our websites & publicity and all those non compliant will be easier to spot and take action.

    I know everyone gets information from different sources but surely it is in the public interest to have some sort of industry standard.  I can’t believe the amount of times some online agents have been pulled up and been made to change their adverts.

    I saw this today on another online site and thought that is a LIE!!!

    ‘our team of experienced agents have achieved over 100% of asking prices – over 4000 satisfied customers and a 5* satisfaction rating’

    With 47 houses for sale all over the country I very much doubt that they have achieved 4000 satisfied customers.  Even if they have been going for 10 years they would need to sell more than 1 house a day. and have every customer satisfied.

    Plus how can the govt promote online agents when they use such underhand tricks to win instructions???

    I wouldn’t care if these were for country or county, inside London or outside London because we could all find a way to spin these into our own patter and promote ourselves.

    Can anyone weigh in with some comments too?


    Chris Wood

    Some of us on PIE have been trying to raise this topic to a wider consumer debate for some time. You are not alone…



    Its a joke….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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