Top Apps Agents are Using?

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    Probably  published elsewhere, but thought it would be good to see any hidden gems out there in the ‘Cloud’ apps that agents are using on the computer, phones or iPads.

    My top one is Dictate and Send, easy dictation of property details, letters, etc so they can loaded to our admin department or cloud secretary service to be transcribed.

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    Tiny Scanner is one of my favourites.  Turns my iPhone into a portable scanner and converts to PDF.


    Chris Wood

    ‘Magic Plan’ – Allows you to easily create floor plans just using your iPhone. Exceptionally good.


    Agent 007

    We use Dropbox for file sharing within / out of our office – a great tool.


    smile please

    Might be of interest 007.

    Guess you do not have a server which is why you use drop box?

    If you have a router in the office for your broadband stick a USB stick or box in the back, that way every member of staff who is connected to the internet can access it. great for templates or scan’s.

    Also a lot more secure than dropbox. However dropbox means you can access info away from the office.

    We use both (multi office) but try and keep to the usb stick.



    Rajeev Nayyar

    I’m a big fan of ReceiptBank which makes expenses management quick and simple.

    Just take a photo of the receipt and all of the relevant information is extracted to create an exportable expense report.


    South East Agent

    We use Fabmin to manage our staff holidays at The Hobbs Parker Group – we have 100 Directors and staff in our two offices.

    It’s a simple web app – holiday requests can be requested and approved in a couple of clicks and everything is kept up to date automatically.

    You can tear up the wall planner at last!

    It also records sickness, training days and time off in lieu Etc. and manages meeting room booking too.

    Fabmin has been built by Spark 9 LLP – one of our group companies. It is used by thousands of users everyday throughout the world including a number of UK Estate Agents. You may find out more at and if you mention this post I’ll sort a special price out for you – please just ask.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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