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    Currently being upsold by RM to take on “Discover” under the Optimiser package. Anyone had any experience good or bad in terms of return on more money being spent? It’s only the Discover aspect that interests me?


    The JB

    Same question. I’m sceptical about it, but then I am about everything, particularly when it involves more money. My spend will be up to £47,000 p.a. if I go for the ‘Optimiser’ with this discover feature. What was your impression of it?




    I have not had any hard facts really, just assumptions and “loose” averages. Seems a good concept, but I have asked for more detail on the number of people they estimate to be in the “bracket” who would get an email. Being ahead of the pack on branding I get, I just want more comfort as is with all marketing, they love to spend your bucks and normally just shrug it off when nothing comes of it!! Be good to get an agent who actually uses it and gets actual leads to comment?



    Rightmove Discover

    Personally, we spend about £4k per month with RM. I am a big fan and completely see how their service benefits my business.

    We are on optimiser obviously and have been an early adopter of Discover, I think we have it on 3 postcodes (maybe 4).

    Discover is a tricky one for us but if I was anywhere else in the country I think it would be a “No Brainer”

    Year to date we have sold almost exactly 25% of all homes in our City.

    This is 584 Homes to be precise.

    Since turning on Discover I can report it has generated a lot of valuation meetings.

    Now the issue is we are, and this is the whole point probably 9 times out of 10 the first agent in the door.

    And they are literally right at the first steps of thinking about coming to market, think 6 months away.

    And due to our market share, the common conversation is we would have been invited out anyway a lot of the time anyway.

    Now the onus is on us to manage that relationship for the next 6 months, that tough to do.

    So have we written a ton of business of the vals we have done, No

    Do I think we might, Maybe (We are going to try too)

    Put it this way, we are going to try it in an area we are not strong in and where we are struggling to penetrate in the new year.

    So personally I would highly recommend giving it a whirl.

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    The JB

    Many thanks PaulC, useful stuff.

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