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    Property Peep

    Hi There,

    We are looking at upgrading from Dez Rez One to Rezi. Does anyone have any feedback after using the system for a while ?

    The enterprise version seems very expensive per month .




    We’ve just ditched Rezi having had it for almost 2 years, we were using the beta version for them.

    Found it overly complicated, they had tried to make it pretty before they made in functional, i think it was 4 clicks till we could get a mobile number for a client at one point which was crazy.

    It took amost a year to get cti set-up, the letter editing is a nightmare and it doesnt cover lettings management, thats another 6 months away by all accounts.

    The final straw for us was they wanted a 2 year contract.

    We signed up to Universal (Thesaurus) and whilst it may not have the “looks” of Rezi, i can have a property loaded up in approx in less than 10 minutes, very ituitive to use, clear and and fucntional, just what you want in software!


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    smile please

    We use Universal.

    Nothing but praise from me.

    As CP above says, not the prettiest but it does the job.

    Also the guys there are fantastic, they offer super service and do not try and squeeze every last penny out of you for simple requests.

    Only frustrating thing is they charge £10 p.m. for the RM instant upload (even though you need to have this with RM).

    If you are looking around for a new system give Paul or Stuart a call there.


    Property Peep

    We are happy with Dez Rez one but we are looking at updating our website. We didn’t want to build a new website from a suppliers older version.

    Also like the fact that is uses API, allowing us to build a much more customised website.

    Would be great to get more feedback from someone else who is using it.



    Hi we used DezRez for five years and switched to the new version Rezi. It was the worst thing we ever did. It does not do what it says on the tin, the back up service is unresponsive and unhelpful.

    In frustration we ended up looking around and thankfully found Reapit. They really are excellent, I cannot praise them enough. Their understanding of our situation and their response to all our questions was excellent. The system was built around our own requirements and project managed really well, with help and support from their team. We now have a fully functioning system that uploads our properties immediately and offers so much more in terms of generating valuations and communicating with our client base.

    All I can reiterate is do not move to Rezi – you will regret it.



    I remember we were going to use DezRez some years ago. I spent ages looking around. Convinced my boss that was the one. He went in to do a deal. They wouldn’t budge on price and – I kid you not – the rep called us scummy agents when we refused to pay the massive licence fee without some sort of discount (we had loads of users). Needless to say, we walked away.

    In my own business, Universal. Only because it’s cheap if you use the office not anywhere version. But it’s not as intuitive as some claim it to be – particularly on the property management side. We’re coding our own package.



    Probably to late but whatever you do DON’T DO IT!

    Hopeless customer service and a product that does not work properly.

    Lots of failed broken promises but still we are left with a software provision that randomly deletes items from the diary (apparently a known issue that has existed for years) causing missed appointments and randomly putting back live properties that have already been sold or rented making us look unprofessional and causing us lots of wasted man hours.

    Anyone considering this as a software provision should really talk to us first!




    Also this will be more expensive and offer less, when we asked for a cost to change back to the original version (loyal customer for years didnt come into it) the figure given was so high that unfortunately we have no choice but to use this long winded system until our contract ends, I would look at reapit. wish I had.

    This has left us at a disadvantage and has left us with a very bad taste, the moment our contract ends we will be off.

    The changeover to the new system has also been a nightmare. Migration migraine, I would say that this is like moving from Apple mac book pro to a commodore 64, Rezi  looks great but performs badly.



    We unfortunately found these comments too late.  We are a few months in and it is frankly terrible.   It just does not work as it should. Does anyone have experience of getting out of the contract with them?  I am seriously contemplating it.

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