Property investment – post Brexit

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    Now that we are out of the EU, the government needs to regulate overseas buyers from investing in UK property thinking that they can make a good yield at the cost of the UK residents – we will become a nation of rentals to overseas landlords and all the UK property will be owned by overseas investors if we are not careful, driving the prices beyond the reach of all the UK.



    Lets not forget that  the majority of  high rise new builds in London post 2010 would never have kick staarted without selling off plan to overseas investors  .Banks demanded pre-sales with healthy deposits  before releasing  construction finance and bearing in mind London Boroughslike Newham and TowerHamlets passed the mandate to private devlopers to provide social anda ffordable housingng by proxy by  imposing  planning conditions to deliver it .We would be in a bigger Housing crisis  today without it .Be careful  in biting  off the hand off that feeds you  Just ask Telford Homes who are crossover developers

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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