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    Maybe not the right forum topic; though keen to get the take on some agents.

    I am an agent based in London but live in Hertfordshire. My wife & I are buying and selling (both in Hertfordshire) current. When reviewing the stock currently on the market, I am taken back by the quality of property listings.

    With respect to my peers, the pictures and wording I am not so focused, I completely appreciate not everyone is in a position to commision professional photography (especially given the fees in rural areas like mine) but my point more so relating to floor plans, or should I say the lack of.

    Even where a floor plan is present, usually this has no disclosure of the total square footage (or meters depending on your method of thought), if any measurements at all.

    I’m having to investigate the door number via Street view then check the EPC before even enquiring on a property. My colleagues can’t quite get their head around it either, though I wondered if these were sentiments shared?

    More poignantly, I suppose my question really for those who do not draft a floor plan, is why not?



    Kyle – if I may give an opinion.

    Floorplans are not everyone’s idea of a sales aid.  Some believe the opposite – and in many-a-case I am one of those in this latter bunch.

    Floorplans have been used for decades by developers to aid buyers of unbuilt homes. The problem was always that many people had no real grasp of space when it is laid on a plan, and some would travel considerable distances to the nearest site with a showhome of the design they were interested in – so even in the 70s (when I cut my teeth in the industry) they were as much a hindrance as a help.

    Agents sell viewings, not homes.  The property does its’ own ‘sales job’ on the willing buyer – your job is to get them through the door.  I suspect (sincere apologies if I am wrong) you may not remember this – but until not that long ago in the grand scheme of events, a set of Sales Particulars for a listing comprised one A4 sheet of paper with room sizes and a healthy serving of slavvery stuff (until PMA intervened in the early 90s then it all became quite factual and boring for a while…) and a 3×2 miniprint clagged on the front with UHU!

    Nowadays, nothing short of 4 sheets seems acceptable, containing a raft of horribly edited photos taken with a bug-eyed lens to give every room that lovely fishbowl effect.  THEY are probably the reason that a floorplan is required – as people see image after image of rooms looking like they would accommodate a thousand tardises (if that is the plural of ‘tardis’?) when in fact many a cat’s brains have been stotted out against those very walls when swung.

    Funny thing is – we sold property when we used those A4 sheets of paper.  I would say we sold them better than we do now.

    There you go – debate open.



    Hi Peebee,

    I value your opinion and do see where you are coming from. However, I have heard the comment “I lose interest and likely will not view if there are no floorplans” countless times, some regard the floorplan of higher importance than the images.

    Although in the scheme of things (particularly compared to you) I am very young in this industry, I still think mailing lists and “selling viewings” are incredibly important, but the internet age has made it difficult not to offer all information in one place or people move on.

    I think pre-00s it was much easier to sell excitement about a house and get people to view. Now people want all the information as to not waste time on something that is not right.




    Apologies for this reply not appearing before now, BenNorthEast62 – for some reason the response I posted on Thursday hasn’t materialised!  I’ll try to repeat it here…

    Firstly, I will say that I also value your opinion – on this subject, and on others you post on here on EYE.

    I can only assume that the “NorthEast” bit of your username refers to somewhere like the North East of London… or somewhere far flung from MY “North East” – as I can hand-on-heart state that I have been asked less than three times for a floorplan of a listing I was marketing… and never once was I questioned on the subject by a vendor.  On one of the incredibly few occasions I recall, I sketched out a plan on an A4 sheet of paper for a guy who said he wouldn’t view unless he saw one – who then didn’t view because he said he didn’t like the position of the back door!!

    Your comment that you are “very young in this industry” is no bad thing – I wasn’t seventeen when I cut my teeth in property ‘sales’ – but if you wish to make it a lifetime career I would genuinely suggest that you will “sell” more properties by ‘the old ways’ than reliance upon the internet… and that those who master both will thrive in a world where a good many can hardly scrape by these days.

    And if I’m wrong… and you are here ‘oop North – then I’d love to call in for a coffee and a handshake one day!



    Hi PeeeBee,

    Sorry I missed your response.

    It seems we are local to each other.

    Coffee is probably more appropriate than a handshake at the moment, do you have an email address?



    The handshake offer was pre-hysteria setting in – quite happy with a Vulcan greeting salute if that’s more acceptable at the minute BNE62!


    I’ll ask Frau Renshaw to forward you my email.  Very much look forward to making your acquaintance – if we don’t know each other already, that is!!




    Hi again BenNorthEast62

    Apparently Frau Renshaw has tried to email you but it has bounced back.  Chuffin’ technology – who needs it, eh?

    If you can email her she will return it with my contact.  Failing that you can find me on Tw@tter if you’re that way inclined.

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