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    A question for the collective – My Property Manager is keen to push Electrical Reports through and start selling to our landlords ans legal requirements. I am of the understanding that currently this is not a legal requirement. With all the changes around fees and taxes etc I don’t want throw more charges at my clients unless I have too. I cant find much info on EICR’S and wondered if anyone had the low down on them? From what I can see it is currently going through consultation and  from my very limited knowledge on how the process works I thought this means it is quite a way off yet? Also that it may not be passed as law at all?

    As I have explained to my PM my concerns are we are lumping charges onto a Landlord that we don’t need too, it would make us look bad if this isn’t actually legally required or doesn’t come in and we don’t even know the extent of the testing needed so may end up having to double charge or foot the bill in the long run. I would appreciate it if any one knows more. I am normally pretty hot on this sort of thing but this has thrown me.



    EICR’s are a legal requirement in HMO’s only as it stands at the minute.

    However there are rumblings that they  will become a legal requirement for the PRS in April next year or the year after. It is also rumoured that it will be linked with the recent section 21 changes to copy the CP12 & EPC’s. The average cost of an EICR is £ 140- £ 160 per household and lasts 5 years, so costing £ 25.00 per year on average.

    If you do not have a current ‘Satisfactory’ EICR carried out by a qualified registered electrician and there was an electrical fault which caused injury/harm/fire etc. and you were taken to court and asked “how did you know your electrical system was in a safe condition”? and your answer is “I don’t know” there really is only one outcome. Also there might be an issue with regards to your insurance cover for the property.

    I hope this helps.

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