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    smile please

    AI – get your colleagues to post!

    Be good for new voices and views. Some may shout them down but its anonymous and over a computer screen, tell them not to take personally!





    You are asking for advice for opening hours from Agents based all over the country, what work for one most likely won’t work for another.

    It’s your first year in this field, would it not make sense to work it with skeleton staff and find out for yourself what will work for your area?

    If you want to give your staff a well deserved break, perhaps work it yourself or haul your number 2 in to do a couple of days too.

    Then next year you will know what you might of missed.




    I never knew that! We have just had quite the debate about Boxing Day in the office and only our Lettings Manager knew it was a working day if it fell on a weekend.

    Learn something new everyday



    Hi PaulC

    We are normally open 7 days a week and we open every Christmas break with a skeleton staff. Although it is quieter and the solicitors are all off we still arrange viewings with vendors and still do the odd accompanied viewing. Somehow we nearly always get a couple of offers in this break! It’s a good time to touch base with vendors as well.

    We normally close midday on 24th. We do that because nearly every year we get someone completing on Christmas Eve!

    It does no harm when I include this on our sales valuation pitches when I find that most of our competitors have a shut down.

    This Christmas the timing is a little odd so we will only be open 27/29/30 and half day 31st. Back Sat 2nd as normal.



    Agency is a competitive industry  and that incites a culture of Stag rutting, (Culture of honour)  under a constant threat from competition agents  have to make sure they are not seen to be weak so an internet forum which encourages debate is going to be viewed differently by different readers.

    Polite reasoned discussion would be great but the  nature of the beasts involved means  that sectarian discussion will naturally be…. passionate




    Agreed Robert. But unfortunately ‘passionate’ too often spills over into downright unpleasant and rude. It isn’t conducive to encouraging the milder-mannered but no less passionate people to comment. I get really fed up watching some of the slanging matches taking place. They don’t contribute anything beyond massaging the egos of the people doing the shouting. I’m just suggesting that a few people on this site would do everyone a favour if they moderated their tone a bit. But maybe I’m just in a minority of one in hoping that will happen?



    There is a lot of passion in my posts ,  hopefully I am never rude. If I am I apologise. I’m not sure anyone is massaging their ego as much as defending their position.



    Personally, We have from the 21st to the 28th off with skeleton staff up until around the 4th, however in our area we seem to get quite a boom in early January, so we try to be back in the office by the 4th.

    If you’re a newer agent I would probably recommend taking advantage of the closure of so many other agents, possibly try and get some new business, everyone’s happier through festive seasons!

    Good Luck!



    As a practical solution I would suggest talking to Andy Solomon at Yomdel for Live chat which will keep you digital presence open and talk to  Samantha at Moneypenny  about telephone reception services. Both firms come with my highest recommendation.



    Interesting stuff.

    We have a big team (15) so I just don’t see us being busy enough to keep us all in. And I am always fair to them all.

    Will stay open for the 19th but probably have an early finish maybe last appointment at 3pm.

    Then re-open on the 28th (even though its a bank holiday) till the 31st and again have an early finish. This should allow us to fill the weekend 2nd/3rd.

    Closed on the 1st and then hopefully start with a bang on the 2nd. Which I suspect should be quite busy.

    Will either have calls re-directed to a mobile or maybe give money penny a go during the 19th to 28th.





    Firstly welcome to the industry and congratulations on listing and selling so many properties in your first year!! Id love to hear your secrets!

    Personally Id stay open for as long as possible as you don’t want to be the Agent that closes first as your competitors will be all over that.

    Secondly I would recommend Samantha Jones at Moneypenny if you need your calls answering over the Christmas period, super company.

    Now if you wouldn’t mind sharing some of your wisdom on gaining instructions please!



    I have created a seperate thread… for marketing. Maybe a admin should create a section for Marketing.


    Paul Boswell

    We’re closing Christmas Eve – hopefully lunchtime (although I have been checking new tenants into their homes at 6pm some years!) Over the past 19 years in our small town, I’ve learned nobody wants to buy or rent a house over the festive season, so we’ll be closed until the 4th. However, I will come in at the end of December to process any rents paid over the holidays.


    Property Paddy

    Paul C

    10 instructions per week?

    You would need to be working in a highly populated area with lots of roof tops and little competition. Even offering 0% as a start up rarely brings in these kinds of numbers.

    Further more you must have a sales pipeline numbering in the 70’s

    And you want to close on the 18th?

    Methinks you are over egging your custard mate!



    We close on the 23rd this year at 5.30pm, reopen 8.30am 4th Jan. Have done for the last 10 years.

    We work hard all year putting the client first, and I very firmly believe my staff should have time to spend with their families over Christmas. Isn’t that what Christmas is supposed to be about? And yes I pay them in full, and no this doesn’t come out of their annual holiday allowance.

    When instructed, landlords and vendors receive my home number. Never taken a call yet out of hours, probably as we look after them so well during working hours, but I know they know they can call if they want to. And they’re happy with that arrangement. Tenants have similar access.




    Property Paddy..

    No 0% commission approach, did not need that. I am not convinced it works unless your an established company which we were not.

    A brand new brand

    We launched on the 2nd of January 2015 with 1.5 members of staff, I was the 0.5

    11 months later we have listed 432 properties for sale.

    We have agreed sales on 214

    About 80 in pipeline

    Until very recently have been doing 120 accompanied appointments per week

    Let about 15 homes (This has been the weak part, mainly due to lack of focus and dealing with the astonishing growth of the sales side)

    Now employ 13 full time staff members, 3 part time and myself.

    Don’t get me wrong its been hard, probably the hardest thing I have done its been 7 days a week, 90+ working hours a week. As I have some other business interests too.

    P.S I am not a fan of custard



    Evening Paul

    Congratulations on your first year! Sounds like its gone well.

    With 14 staff, could you not split the hours down and give everyone some time off and maintain an open office?

    I’m open short hours 9-3 week of xmas and New Year and 10-2 on both the ‘eves’, staff are working roughly half the hours each so they’re all happy.



    Gavin Human

    Christmas to me is about being with family. Although we close on the 23rd December and reopen on the 29th, we will run on a skeleton staff of just management, allowing other staff to spend time with family and friends.

    We find that the phones are relatively quiet in the office, but it allows us to do a lot of prep work ready for the New Year.

    Having been in the business for over 20 years, I find that many clients do not expect you to be open, but it is always a pleasant surprise if they are passing the office that they pop in for a general chat.

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