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    We’ve currently got a portfolio of around 580 managed properties and use CFP for property management and accounts. The letter received week before last has made us want to take a look around to try and combine everything into one. In fact, we need to because we dont have a choice! The only issue is the change, some of my staff are going to freak out by the change so I need the transition to be as easy as possible and ideally as much training as possible to help my staff out. We use EA for front end sales and lettings but ive heard their accounts package arent as robust as others.

    What are peoples experiences of software change for everything and who should I be looking at? We have three offices and I feel this is probably going to be the biggest thing we ever do.. That and re-branding!

    I’m not very keen on the purple empire and have reservations about their collection of data, my options though are starting to diminish .

    Advice welcome…



    Robert May is your man to ask, I would suggest.



    If it were me I would quite happily continue to use CFPwinman adb. Agents are not getting updates to the software and so support calls for seasoned users are really quite minimal. I am not aware of what the risks alluded to  are but  other than the operating system risks of  XP (the NHS issue) there aren’t any real  DP vulnerabilities of  local installed software systems, if there are perhaps someone should be more specific as to what the risks are.

    If the letter sent out has concerned you to the extent you want to change I would personally make  one of my the first call to Matt Goddard at Reapit

    Matt has the right attitude and an unquestionable respect for agents.  Matt has a good team supporting him Suzanne  Mavity and Mark Bevan are both people with reputations for outstanding customer care. The added bonus of Reapit is the irrepressible Mr Whale; he simply loves his job and his customers.



    What is the best alternative out there we have 850 managed properties and would like to streamline staffing to be used more efficiently elsewhere?

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