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    I have had a lot of calls recently regarding tenants radiators not being warm at the top, of course they need bleeding.

    Is this a tenants or Landlords responsibility?

    Personally I think tenants, but I haven’t seen a clear answer anywhere, should the tenant bleed them and cause damage, who is then liable?

    Would be grateful for any advice, thank you!



    There is actually more to bleeding a radiator than just opening the bleed screw and letting the air out… Most modern central heating systems will be of the “Combi” variety and the resulting reduction in pressure may stop the boiler from working at all. Also, the average person may well not know that bleeding a radiator should only take place with the central heating system turned off (so that the pump is turned off otherwise in some situations it could actually draw in air), and the system temperature ideally cold, or close to cold. It all gets a bit technical (and dependent on the type of installation) but certainly I would not say something that should be left to the tenant by default.

    Also, something could go wrong – for example valves can seize up and sometimes start leaking if forced.

    We encourage all of our landlords to have a maintenance contract that covers unlimited breakdowns – Parts and Labour – with British Gas. As a company, you can have a “Bulk Contract” with British Gas that will give you a single point of contact and you can add/subtract properties from the contract throughout the year. It works very well and leaves us with 95% less problems on the central heating side of things.



    That’s really interesting, how do you go about setting up a contract like that?




    Direct contact:
    <p style=”margin: 0cm 0cm 0pt;”><span style=”color: gray;”><span style=”font-family: Calibri;”>0800 107 7797</span></span></p>
    <span style=”font-family: Calibri;”><span style=”color: #1f497d;”><span style=”color: #0000ff;”></span></span></span>



    Try again, direct contact: 0800 107 7797 or

    Web link should work but if not just google British Gas Multi Premises



    Thank you MF.

    The Bulk Contract sounds extremely useful. Just depends on the landlords opting to take it, definitely worth including early in the letting process. Will save the property manager a lot of hassle too.



    Well this thread made me think I ought to look into this. Had a chat with British Gas yesterday, talked some prices and then he sent over a bit of literature. No prices on it. I spotted there were a couple of other services I’d be interested in so asked for a price matrix. Response:
    Sent: 27 January 2016 08:37
    Subject: RE: British Gas

    If you go into goggle type in British gas landlords cover. Brings up all the information, I hope this helps you

    Pete Dhadwal
    Account Manager

    I’m staggered! Any member of my staff telling a potential client to Google our rates would have a cleared desk by the end of the day.

    It went down hill from there. Sent me a dead link to the information I was supposed to Google, then when I pointed this out – non Ramsay style despite feeling very Ramsay by this point – he told me he’s in talks with higher management to try to help me. I assume then that there was no price matrix available to me in the first place.

    Sorry British Gas. Do one.

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    British Gas are woeful, so many times their contracts end up costing my clients more money. If I look at the overall picture the slight benefit to me is outweighed by the horrendous service and extra cost on the landlord.



    I had a good run with British Gas this week.

    Tenants economy 7 not working, called sparky said no power going to the economy 7 fuse board.

    Went to the meter database and it was owned by British Gas.

    Called them, denied owning it, transferred to another department, got cut off.

    Called again, gave them serial number, denied owning it, said I had found it on the database and spoken to the old tenant and it was def theirs, got cut off.

    Called again, they found it, called wrong department, transferred me to correct one, got cut off.

    Called again, denied it being theirs, got cut off

    Called again, they found it, was told it was impossible for the fuse board not to have power and that our sparky was wrong, called sparky whilst on line, said they are wrong, he is right. Again was told it was impossible as the flat had power so therefore the economy fuse board must have, got cut off.

    Called again, very reluctantly they agreed to send an engineer out to prove that they were right and our sparky was wrong.

    Engineer went out Tuesday and guess what, no power to the fuse board



    Odd.  I’ve had extremely good service from them for quite a number of years.

    Only yesterday evening at around 6:30 PM a tenant emailed to say that the boiler had stopped working and she will call British Gas.

    This morning I replied to her email asking what the situation was and she  responded that they had attended last night and got the boiler working again. She added that they need to replace a part, which they will return on Monday to do. She was happy, as was I. The landlord will be happy too, when I tell her.

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