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    smile please

    I was looking at membership options on the NAEA website, shocked at how much they charge and what you / the public get for it. – Anyway i have long complained about this and trying not to at this time.

    I was wondering if any estate agents have come across any other Associations / clubs / membership bodies for estate agents?

    I know my firm is a good, honest firm and stick to many rules (and in some case more than we need to) but i was looking to advertising this fact, a quick tot up of fees for NAEA works out to circa £1000 p.a. where as that does not break the bank i would resent paying it.

    My question is “Is there an alternative?” or am i just as well advised to make my own scheme up and sign up to it?

    Your comments would be appreciated



    The guild of professional estate agents is the only other one I know of.

    But I’m of the opinion no one much cares for them, us or the public


    smile please

    Ahh yes the Guild! – from memory they are the Park Lane lot also looking in excess of 1k per year!



    Out of interest, what do you want to get out of being a member of a ‘professional’ body like the NAEA, or the Guild or whoever?  And what do you think is a reasonable price to pay for whatever it is you seek from them?


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    Two answers to that question.

    1. I do not think the NAEA is fit for purpose. If they did offer what i wanted i.e. a strict membership code that is enforced and you needed to demonstrate a certain level of knowledge to join. And it was for full service agents not all and everybody. And spoke up on behalf of agents and the public were aware of them (i.e. the logo means something to them such as the FCA) I think i would suggest £600 p.a. for your first office and £400 for each subsequent office.

    As i cannot see an organisation that does offer this i am considering

    2. Purely from an advertising point of view a logo / sticker to use and a guideline of rules which i think should be circa £100 p.a.

    We can get into quantifications etc but thats another can of worms!



    Hows about I start up one like I suggested several months ago?

    I’m minded to give it an unforgettable name.

    How’s about DEAF? – standing of course for the DECENT Estate Agents’ Federation.

    Hey – I’m open to suggestions.  Alternatives welcomed (but I will forewarn Language, Timothy – it’s tougher than you think – I know how hard I struggled to find ONE clean one…)


    smile please

    In a round about way PeeBee that is what i am suggesting.

    The reason most agents join NAEA is to buy credibility.

    So why not be honest and cater for that?

    OR why not start a organisation that is all singing, all dancing?

    At this moment in time i am quite happy to pay somebody £X – For a logo and sticker!

    I quite like ‘Federation of Estate Agents’ if anybody is looking at launching something ….



    Hmmm… so you’re thinking along the lines of ‘FEA’, smile please.

    Would it be a requirement to quote your FEA on your website and all advertising material?


    smile please

    FEA has a ring to it!

    I would think displaying logo on website and stationary would be the main point.






    What point will there be in launching yet another organisation if it lacks teeth? I’m NAEA and ARLA qualified, been members of both for many years, but today not. No teeth. Them, not me! Absolutely pointless.

    My business is just as strong without them despite another agent much much larger than me, who has reportedly rubbished me repeatedly for not being SafeAgent and ARLA registered, and has now closed its own doors locally.

    This is a people business. Someone earlier in the thread said joining the NAEA perhaps gives credibility. What tosh. It’s an apron to hide behind! I’ve seen plenty of mediocre agents relying on membership to try to win trust and the business.

    Spend your money on self promotion and staff training not extortionate memberships that give little back. The Guild is a lot more than a grand a year. Be the decent agent. Tell the public what YOU are doing to safeguard them and why. Stand on your own two feet and honour your pledges, deliver your services and be honest, even compensate in some way when you slip up.

    Isn’t that what the public wants?



    Well said Ammik ! most of those bodies out there are just another company who can give you letters. If you spent all the money on all the memberships you would be crazy. I understand why its a money making tool. Why doesn’t our government make one standard body like ofgen etc, cos if it did it would have no teeth and do noting like it does anyway. At the end of the day if you do a services and you do it bad you will end up with no business anyway and if  operate above the law you will end up in jail.  ARLA / NAEA is all is needed the rest is all about money. …Just my opinion! PS im opening a new business. TPLA (£60pcm membership) the professional landlords association and you can have TPLA afer your name….Just Kidding. But i’m sure you get my drift.


    smile please

    Ammik & 247 Prop – Thats my whole point!

    A few agents round me proudly display the NAEA logo and no doubt win a couple instructions a year (not a great deal but a couple).

    I agree NAEA is a joke and people are buying letters after there name.

    But i want to do some new innovate marketing in my area and i want to make a song and dance about being part of a “Body” – I despise NAEA so reluctant to give them a penny.

    So i am looking at basically a cheap way to buy letters, i may even start my own body for a few quid as means same as NAEA!

    Until a property body comes along why not!? – We have our own D.E.A’s and even CeMAP negs / managers so just looking other letters for some of our staff. Other agents do it so its a case of if you cant beat them, join them!


    smile please

    Just for clarity the above comment is tongue in cheek, I know sarcasm sometimes does not come across!

    But i think it does show from the comments that there is a want and need for a tougher more robust body we can apply to be part of.



    Not sure about FEA, a disgruntled client could quite easily make the F stand for another word and that would very quickly stick

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