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    PeeBee – I am not personally aware of your specific issues, but do understand how a number of relatively small items can compound, hence the reason for wanting to talk…

    We are not so naive to believe that any single software system will ever be 100% perfect for everyone – the wide choice and number of suppliers in the marketplace confirms this; but we do regularly update Alto to include wishes from our customers – it would be good to get a better grasp of your priorities so that we can try and address them for you.

    As Group Sales Director, I do not normally need to get involved in this part of our business – we have some really good internal processes to get most small concerns ironed out, but obviously I am happy to help you if I can, as ultimately it helps me too, if we can solve these for you.

    I look forward to speaking to you.



    Property Software Group

    Thank you for your comments Simon.

    We know that there are certainly areas within Alto which need improving, and which will certainly be improved.

    Our number 1 priority is meeting the needs of our agents, so suggestions of improvement are greatly appreciated.

    We hope you all enjoy Alto!

    Many thanks,

    Claire Connor



    Thanks for the comments,

    Definitely some pro’s and con’s so will take a look around and re-evaluate,




    So having looked at the market and decided to stick with EA, today we had some face to face time to understand where we are going wrong.

    Something that has been abundantly clear is that there is no perfect solution and any system that we use will need to be bent around our business or our business bent around the system.

    That said I am feeling much more positive about our teams ability to get the most from Expert Agent and will be investing significantly more time to try and get more benefits from it.

    It might not be perfect but I can’t find better solution in the market today. I suppose its like any software you get out of it what you put in.. And that on our part has been lacking.

    Will update in a few weeks on our progress of using the system..




    If you value your business, stay away! List of faults and functionality defects as long as my arm. And I’ll think you’ll find Rudy1 that WE  are apparently the only agent with concerns. Our staff work around the faults as best they can. Alto/Vebra do not seem to take our concerns/suggestions into account when developing the software, rather they add unnecessary and unwanted ‘twiddly bits’ on their updates…if only they could get the diary to show the location of the appointments, or the 2nd contact to show on the record…


    Property Software Group

    Hello Joey7

    We’d love to assist you, can you please email me and we can investigate this for you.

    Many thanks,

    Claire Connor


    Anonymous Coward

    My personal recommendation is Jupix – now owned by PSG.

    My understanding is that PSG just couldn’t get Alto right so bought out Jupix. I could be completely wrong of course.

    I’ve just trialled Jupx and Expert Agent against Universal Anywhere and I have used Vebra Solex and DezRez in the past.

    Jupix still wins hands down, it is simple, obvious, straightforward and above all quick and intuitive.

    I would recommend anyone to try Jupix for just 1 hour compared to one hour with the rest (each of course) and work out which one allows you to register an applicant, book a valuation, do a property match the fastest.

    Like an iPhone Jupix doesn’t need a manual – it’s so easy to use you just don’t need one (BTW it has one just in case)




    Before buying any SAAS system, no matter how good it is, agents should educate themselves about the full cost and unseen implications of choosing a particular system.

    Sticking data into a system without understanding the extent of  things like 3rd party connections  is akin to investing in a pension  scheme without looking into where the cash is invested.

    It might be  fast and super simple to invest in  Nigeria419 investments with very attractive  promised returns & super friendly folk to deal with but sometimes things don’t always turn out as anticipated.






    Hi Everyone

    I’m new here so hello to All.

    I need to change my software and i need cloud based software.

    The final 2 i have are Alto and Rezi.

    Rezi uses open API platform and Alto I’m not sure? does anyone know? If Yes what are the differences in terms of their platform and which is the best option?

    Does anyone know if on Rezi its real time upload meaning that proprieties will show on portals straight away or is the feed done twice a day.

    Which software from the two above you personally think its better and Why?

    We are looking to changes software companies and we want to stick with them for a good number of years.

    Please kindly comment and thank you in advance.









    smile please

    I think as from 4/7/16 all software providers will be real time uploading.

    I do not use Rezi or Alto – I looked around and found universal was by far the best value for money cloud based, the people there are top notch always ready to help and you get ongoing support and not charge you for every little change. There reports are a little basic but to be honest how much detail do you need?

    * The only slight issue i have is the real time data feed that is now a requirement by RM from 4/7/16 and my provider want to charge £10 p.m which i feel should be free, the benefit how ever is all leads from RM are also added onto your database so after consideration we are staying with them.



    Hi, I’d love to have a discussion on this with anyone experiences of data migration to Rezi. Thank you .

    Sarah Tiffin  of Tiffin Estate Agents.




    Have you looked at Expert Agent? No system is perfect but we are now getting some good use from it..



    Still haven’t moved but following the news last week its made our decision, we need to get off this platform! Question is, who else is there that is independent..

    Who do others use?


    smile please

    As stated above, Universal Anywhere is a good option if you are a small to medium firm not worried about aesthetics.



    Anyone know if this has been improved since the thread we are in the market for new software and Alto looks good but bit put off how quickly their sales dropped the setup as if they were desperate for our business?

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