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    Morning all.


    We are currently looking at switching to Vebra Alto from expert agent. What are people’s experiences of Alto?

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    Good luck!

    ’nuff said, methinks.


    smile please

    For what its worth, its a great looking system and probably does everything you need.

    The questions i would ask is, what do they do with your data and is there an uglier system out there at the fraction of the price but still the same usable features.



    “its a great looking system and probably does everything you need.”

    Except WORK, that is.

    Three years on and it’s still having ‘teething issues’ that should have been spotted and dealt with before rolling out to paying customers.  Ridiculous.

    But, in agreement with smile please, it looks GREAT… when it is frozen solid – which is most days.

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    Property Software Group

    Hello all,

    Whilst we have experienced a few issues as of late, we have been working on improving the overall software and user experience, with continual work taking place within the software.

    Alto is the fastest cloud-based software system available on the market, and with it’s unique integration with exchange – keeping in contact with clients has never been easier with everything you need from  one system.

    My advice to you is request a demo from our team, as well as exploring various options. We have a range of software options available to meet the needs of any agent.

    Upon your research, explore the software’s development commitment, as well as support offered and features available.

    If you require any assistance, feel free to email



    Alto….where to start. We have had so many issues with Alto, although we were told we are the only agents with concerns! Applicants…unable to sort in price order, applicant system as a whole is not very good.  We are told the system is still going through teething problems and is in development stages. This is not what we were told when we took the system on.

    Look very closely at the functionality before you commit.





    Thanks for your comments, Has anyone been through a migration?

    Rudy1 – whilst it looks great, being in London, applicant management is key, where does it fall down?




    It still hurts when I cough.



    Damn, thought we were about to get into a conv about saxophones!!

    I’ve tried a lot of software, from the dizzy heights of Reapit to custom made ones.

    We use Acquaint, easy and cheap. Manages to do all the bits more expensive ones do.

    Whilst its beauty won’t win many awards, I’m not sure that a back end system needs to tbh



    Okay, Gump – how’s about the best sax solo in modern music?

    MY offering would have to be ‘Baker Street’.




    PSG – the sales pitch is wasted on those of us who know ALL ABOUT your “few issues of late”.

    We live with them daily.  We work round them because we have to in order to continue our daily business.

    WE tell YOU what the problems are… and you ignore us.  The poster above is bang on the money – EVERY problem reported is ‘new to you’.  It’s not an issue for attention.  But amazingly, weeks later it resolves all by itself!

    Applicant cards worked far better.

    You haven’t lifted us into the cloud – you’ve dumped us all in the fog.

    But you won’t listen – or act – on a single word you read here.



    Coming from the Motor Industry, where we have pretty sophisticated CRM tools. Then more recently the PLC world where we lived on Sales Force. I am shocked at the state of Estate Agency Software.

    We launched in Jan last year an opted for Expert Agent, primarily because it was a good overall offering website and system..

    But 1 year on

    I am really struggling with it. Its not the most reliable system and is slow.

    I can’t seem to get basic reports out of it and brochures are a mythical thing.

    The support redirect you to the online training which is ok but not upto date with the system and is a bit confusing to me.

    So started looking at the alternatives and my conclusion “Cloud based” ones are early in their development and not really ready for the prime time.

    I don’t want to invest in a desktop based one..

    So for now I am stuck with EA.. but it is a nightmare. It has potential but needs better client support and hand holding and better reliability.


    smile please

    I use universal thesaurus. The cloud version.  It’s perfect for us. It’s not pretty but it’s cheap and reliable. It has never frozen.

    Also they are sensible people that work there. Any issues they have (which is usually down to training as opposed to performace) they sort out right away.

    I cannot praise these guys enough. If you are thinking of switching I suggest giving Paul or one of the guys a call.


    Simon Bradbury

    To answer the question from Londonagent1 – we at Thomas Morris Sales & Lettings have migrated to Vebra Alto within the last few weeks and are therefore in an excellent position to provide direct and honest feedback.
    Of course there were “issues” and challenges with the migration – anyone expecting that this would not be the case is frankly naïve in the extreme. What really matters  is exactly how these inevitable problems are dealt with. I have to say that the whole team at Alto have been extremely good and supportive – particularly James Toogood who was right there when we needed him even at a weekend!
    There are a (very) few things that I do not like about Alto – the diary system for example is, in my opinion, a little counter-intuitive. That said, and in all fairness, virtually everything else is absolutely superb and ahead of the game in my view.My colleagues had (prior to launch) made suggestions as to improvements and a number of them were acted upon by Alto and are now integrated within the system. They really do seem keen to listen and help out whenever they can.
    Of course there are still teething problems and grumbles from our branches as they try to get used to a completely new system but overall we’re very happy -particularly with the support we receive.
    My colleagues have reported that they specifically like the general look of the software, and though this might sound trivial  – it really helps for new users to engage. They’ve also said that they like the matching system (particularly the way it is presented in HTML format), the automatic reports, and the management information. I particularly like the “Sticky Note” facility!
    If there was one bit of advice that I would give it would be to REALLY PLAN THE TRAINING IN ADVANCE AND INVOLVE YOUR TEAMS WITH THE PROCESS EVEN PRIOR TO LAUNCH.

    Oh, and before anyone suggests anything to the contrary, I’ve not been paid by Alto to post this or even asked by them to say anything!

    But in my view – I would go for it!!

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    “I particularly like the “Sticky Note” facility!”

    Mr Bradbury – may I respectfully suggest that you don’t rely on this “facility” for anything other than today’s shopping list – the ‘sticky notes’ have an EXTREMELY annoying and embarrassing habit of dropping off the page you stick them to… never to be seen again!

    Please revisit this thread in, say, three months and update your current glowing endorsement for the benefit of others.

    Many thanks, and kind regards.




    PeeBee – perhaps you and I should have a chat, so that I can try and help you personally?

    Genuinely, nothing is more important to us than happy customers and I would be more than happy to listen and do my best to support any feedback you have, which I will discuss with our product team?

    If you don’t have my personal contact details, please call 08000 75 87 49 and ask one of our Customer Service team to take a message for me. I will call you back as soon as I am able.



    smile please

    To be fair PeeBee thats a great sign of service, they pick up your complaint on a third party website and offer to help.

    Maybe have a chat and update us in a weeks time with the outcome?



    Mr Toogood

    Firstly, thank you for raising your head above the parapet.

    Are you saying that the issues I have highlighted – and those ‘voiced’ by the other poster – are completely unknown to you?

    That being the case it sounds like I am not the one requiring ‘help’.

    If, however, you ARE aware of the multitude of issues with your software – all relatively small but they compound when talking “user experience” – then may I respectfully suggest you spend your time talking to your techies and not me.

    You already know this – but all your customers want is ‘Ronseal’.


    Property Software Group

    Hello Rudy,

    We are on-hand to meet the needs of our agents time and time again, and it is our personal mission to ensure that at all times, our agents are happy.

    I wonder whether you can contact me personally to explain your experiences and we will ensure we fully explore this for you?  I am happy to discuss everything raised over the phone and ensure that you see action.

    Many thanks,

    Claire Connor


    Property Software Group

    Hello PeeBee,

    I have noted all of your commentss, but I would love to get someone on the case, and keep you updated on the progress?

    I wonder whether you can email me directly on so that I can ensure we follow-up on your suggestions of improvement?

    We don’t profess to be problem free, but we are determined to deliver to our agents – and would love to ensure everything you have raised has been addressed.

    Many thanks,

    Claire Connor

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