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    Quite simply, I am new to the industry and would love to know what the best piece of advice you’ve been given was.. Perhaps from when you were training..

    I am learning from a very experienced small company and I am loving the job.

    Advice from people of all ages, experience and backgrounds within the field would be very interesting and helpful. Not just to me, I’m sure.



    It appears you may have missed this thread:

    OR you didn’t think much of the advice!

    If I’d listened to the advice I was given, I either would never have become an Agent in the first place, or would have packed it in hundreds of times over the last 25 years!

    For what it’s worth – here’s mine.




    Sorry – missed the important bit…

    WELCOME – both to the industry, and to the EYE ‘Community’!

    You’re in for one H£LL of a ride – so buckle up!

    PeeBee ;o)



    Thank you PeeBee – good advice although aimed at starting a new agency rather than a complete newbie like me.

    I have come from a high street bank where if you’re not hitting double your target on day 2 while spinning plates and juggling, its evaluation time! So being in a company where I have a little more control over my own targets is much better! Also not having to sit at a desk all day – big plus!

    True to myself – lovely advice.



    “So being in a company where I have a little more control over my own targets is much better!”<b></b><u></u>

    Yes… BUT.

    You will still be spinning plates and juggling – but it will be a combination of fire, chainsaws and jelly you’re juggling with, using only one hand whilst sewing a button on a f@rt with the other… all this as you’re wading through treacle to collect a well-deserved kick in the ‘nads for missing a toothbrush holder off someone’s details!

    Enjoy!! ;o)

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