When did you last do a SWOT analysis on your agency business?
Let’s do a quick one.

Sellers/landlords still need agents to show their properties.
Complaints are very low with satisfaction ratings over 95%.

No barriers to entry so public still view industry poorly.
Hasn’t progressed in 100 years. Agents still expect buyers/tenants to fit in.

New technology.
Better use of time available.

Digital sector.
Rising costs, more competition, shrinking market.

Anyone can see that the strengths are becoming weaknesses and to counter the threats it’s difficult to know what opportunities to grasp.
We’d all like to do more business with less staff over a larger area.Hundreds of agents, just like you, are now doing EXACTLY that, with Viewber.
Viewber is the world’s first outsourced viewing and inspection company that brings a National network of thousands of trusted locals to your fingertips via the sharing economy and a simple dashboard – anywhere in the UK at any time.
Quite rightly many feel their negs should be doing first viewings to download info from the applicant – but can this really not be done on the phone/web these days – and do you really need negs out of the office doing 2/3/4th viewings or surveyor/decorator visits when these days you want them deal progressing or mining your database for more listings. And when was the last time you turned down a listing as it was too far away to service – that’s NOT an issue when using Viewber.

How does a 45% increase in turnover sound?
Not using the 14% of the week that’s Sunday? – simple tell your clients you are, email your database of buyers and tenants they can now view whatever they want on a Sunday (for example) and sit back and watch the money come in.
There are so many ways you could use Viewber to help you win in an increasingly difficult marketplace.

Have a look around the website or preferably TRY US – it’s easy.

About Viewber

Viewber is the world’s first property viewing service that uses the sharing economy to make trusted members of the public available to accompany buyers and tenants anywhere in the UK, 24 hours a day, seven days a week – all at the click of a button.

Each day, our team of Viewbers undertake viewings on behalf of a multitude of different clients – including high street agents, online and hybrid agents, auctioneers, commercial agents, property managers, short-term rental agents, social housing providers and property developers.  Our Clients have come to rely upon the support of our Viewbers – whether for single viewings, open house appointments, full day support, meet & greets, house sitting or key safe installations.  Put simply, we have become their favourite overflow service.

To find out more about how Viewber works please watch the video below, visit or contact our Business Development Team by email