6 Reasons Why Joining the mio Community will Help Your Business

In some ways, very little has changed in the housing market and estate agency in the past 50 years. Despite technology advancing in leaps and bounds, people are still buying and selling houses in the same way. Even online estate agents, whose advent was heralded as the death of your local highstreet branch, have secured a far smaller share of the market than was originally forecast, and since the beginning of 2019 two of the sector’s largest players have entered into administration.

The most notable change has been the use of property portals replacing newspaper property ads following the birth of the internet: but even this behemoth of cultural change has had an arguably limited effect on estate agency. While your customers browse listings on the move, or from the comfort of their own home, agents themselves and the buying and selling process are still often stuck squarely in the dark ages.

Technology advances, but the market stays the same. In fact, in the past 10 years, the average completion time has increased from 10 weeks to 18 weeks. With numbers like this, you might argue that we are going backwards, not forwards.

Instead, we believe it will be estate agents themselves that change the home-buying process, and the building of a strong, proactive community. At mio we are already seeing the beginnings of an amazing collection of agents working together to improve the industry in a truly positive way. By future-proofing your agency with the mio community, you will be ensuring that you aren’t left behind.

A Shared View of the Chain

Estate agency has always operated in the same way – from within competitive silos of information, each with their own chain view. In each property chain there are as many versions of the chain as there are people trying to unravel them.

By signing up to mio, you are accessing a community view of the property chain, which is created in collaboration with all other participating agents.

This means that finally (finally) estate agents are pulling together to build a single, comprehensive and trusted view of the property chain. By communicating clearly, sharing small amounts of information and working together in the same direction the mio community is saving time, money and stress across the board. It’s that simple, and a win-win for all.


Building relationships for the future is an essential part of any career, and Estate Agency is no exception.

Our community at mio is made up of proactive and progressive agents, committed to providing great customer experience and building great relationships. Improved communication across the chain means that our members make positive connections across branches, agencies and teams quickly and with minimal effort.

Rally together against online EAs and sloppy agents

Despite the underwhelming effect of online estate agents on the market, many agents have reported frustration when they are involved in the chain, due to different priorities and ways of working. Similarly, if one agent in your chain isn’t pulling their weight, it can slow down the whole process for everyone, and begin affecting your bottom line.

With mio, estate agents work together to build a picture of the chain, filling in the gaps left by sloppy agents and onlines together. This isn’t the same as doing their work for them, but you are working together to minimise their impact.

Improved Customer Service

With the advancing ubiquity of instant messaging in business spaces, customers are more and more often demanding instant gratification when it comes to information sharing and communication. Knowing this, we built an integrated mio app for our community’s customers, bringing home buyers in from the cold too with instant and easily accessible updates on their sale or purchase.

According to The Property Ombudsman annual report, two of the top causes of complaint for both sales agents were poor communication and record keeping. The mio integrated app handles both, allowing you to go the extra mile for your customers whilst also saving on time and effort.


Customers increasingly demand convenience – and estate agents deserve it too. With mio handling centralised communication (easily integrated with your existing CRM or email system) our clients’ favourite feature has to be email communication with just one click from within the platform.

The mio community communicated constantly and effectively between agents and across branches, making it easier to share information with your own team and with the other agents in your chain.

With less time making phone calls, answering voicemails, and taking messages for colleagues out of office, the mio community is able to get down to the really important jobs.


We know that technology isn’t a silver bullet to solve all an estate agent’s problems – but you have to admit, in a world constantly demanding instant messaging, instant data and instant gratification, some degree of modernisation is necessary.

Modernise your service offering with a free 6 month subscription to mio, and watch your customers get happier, your team quicker and your fall-through rates lower!

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About mio

Created by property experts for property experts, mio is a sales progression and communication tool, which has already helped to reduce average fall-through rates to 21% compared to the UK average of 33%, and speed up transactions to exchange from 126 days down to 85 days*.

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Be a leader (not a follower), empower your team with improved visibility – and more!

Sign up today and join Allen and Harris, Taylors Estate Agents and many more, who are already benefiting from:

  • Seeing the whole picture, identifying potential issues in the chain and knowing what needs tackling first
  • Streamlined sales progression with data feeds from conveyancers, lenders and surveyors
  • Centralised communications all in one place, so everyone in branch is empowered to support every customer
  • Winning more business by differentiating their branch as an industry leader – not a follower

  • Better sales progression tools leading to faster completions
  • Less fall-through from greater transparency and offering more customer certainty
  • Better pipeline forecasting and knowing which properties are likely to exchange and when
  • Visibility of performance and transaction times across their business through flexible management reports

That’s not all! The mio customer app – available on iOS and Android – gives homemovers the peace of mind of 24/7 access to any progress updates in their property transaction, so your team receive fewer chasing calls.

  • Reassurance : A property feed with regular updates on key milestones achieved and what happens next
  • Transparency : A chain viewer with a clear view across the entire chain and the status on all properties
  • Convenience : Chat messaging via smartphone enabling homemovers to manage communications in their own time
  • Advice : Educational content to support homemovers throughout the process with clear information about each step

Did you know? It all began in Cardiff back in September 2017…

mio started out as a pilot product in around 30 estate agency branches in Cardiff in September 2017. Since then, mio’s Cardiff community has grown tremendously in just over a year, improving sales progression for estate agents and home movers alike. Through reputation and demand, mio has swept into the South West, been adopted by over 400 agency branches – and is now available nationally on a 6 months FREE introductory offer.

See what the industry has to say about mio…

mio recently appeared in a ‘Question Time’ interview with industry thought-leader Christopher Watkin, alongside Perry Power, Managing Director at Power Bespoke and Simon Fisher, Director of Absolute Sales & Lettings Ltd who have been using the sales progression and communication tool for several months.

The mio community has also praised the difference the sales progression and communication tool has made to their businesses…

Louisa Crook, Branch Partner at William H Brown:

“It’s great that all of my tasks are highlighted on the dashboard as soon as I log in, as I can see exactly what I need to do, dive straight in and get it sorted.”


Josh Lally, Senior Sales Negotiator at Connells:

“It only takes a few minutes to put a chain together and I can immediately see if one of my colleagues has already built the chain, so I don’t have to. This has helped to save time (and frustration) across the team.”


Jayne Morris, Area Director at Peter Alan:

“mio is easy to use and straightforward, giving us visibility across our regions and helping with our forecasting. I find the reporting tools particularly useful for understanding what is happening across the business.”


Michelle Hallas, Residential Sales Manager at Allen and Harris:

“I use mio every day. It makes it so much easier to monitor progress. The milestones are great, as they prompt you on where you need to be with each transaction. It’s a massive improvement on riffling through paper files.”


Ashleigh Thwaites, Branch Manager at Taylors:

“mio is very efficient, and I find it so much easier to complete my sales progression tasks. I particularly like the time stamp on the notes, as this helps everyone to know what has happened and when.”


… and that’s not all!


…We’ve partnered with Reapit…

…Become a Relocation Agent Network approved supplier…

…And been shortlisted in The Negotiator Awards 2018 for ‘Supplier of the Year (Technology) – Apps’…


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*Measured from September 2017 to April 2019 across the Cardiff mio community of agents