Purplebricks named as splashing out most on property advertising after £8m spend

The top spenders in property splashed out around £35m on advertising in a year.

An un-named trusted source measured the top property spenders in the 12 months inclusively from December 2014 to November 2015.

It measured spends on TV, press, radio and outdoor, by Agents’ Mutual, easyProperty, Housesimple, Knight Frank, Purplebricks, Rightmove, Savills, Tepilo, Webuyanyhome and Zoopla.

The biggest individual spend, at over £8m, was by Purplebricks.

It spent £6,226,531 on TV and a further £1,856,135 on radio.

By contrast easyProperty spent £719,958 on TV, £67,288 on outdoor and £30,324 on press.

Rightmove and Agents’ Mutual spent very comparable amounts. Rightmove spent £5,119,770 on TV and £228,319 on press and £1,625,760 on outdoor advertising.

Agents’ Mutual spent a total of £5,807,165 on TV and £497,116 on press – even though it did not advertise for the first two months of the period measured.

Both Rightmove and Agents’ Mutual out-spent Zoopla, which spent £3,860,981 on radio, £173,651 on TV and £123,954 on press advertising.

Online agents Housesimple and Tepilo also made the list of top property spenders. Tepilo spent more – £2,557,761 on TV, £107,012 on press and £64,980 on outdoor.

Housesimple spent £819,433 on TV, £126,850 on outdoor and £66,702 on radio.

High-end agents Knight Frank and Savills are also in the list, with Savills spending more than Knight Frank. Neither, however, spent anything on TV.

Savills spent £2,021,170 on press, £5,684 on outdoor and just £711 on radio.

Knight Frank spent £1,625,900 on press, and £8,390 on outdoor and just £137 on radio.

Webuyanyhome, finally, spent £769,062 on TV and £340 on press.

The totals spent show that TV was easily the biggest winner, attracting a spend by the big property advertisers of £22,193,331.

Press advertising swallowed £4,634,135 of the budget, radio took a bite of £4,634,135, and outdoor had the smallest share at £1,898,952.

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  1. stevedp316

    Purple bricks should re structure and take on rightmost.

  2. Property Paddy

    PB. just keep spending, after all if a business model doesn’t actually work then you have two choices.

    A) Spend more and try and keep everyone fooled till you can sell all your shares

    B) Come clean and fold the business.

    £8m in 2015 !

    £10M in 2016 ?

    £14m in 2017 ?

    Yep, just keep spending,



  3. Herb

    ‘Call centre’ agents spending all that money! How much is spent on marketing their client’s properties?

    1. Woodentop

      Well at a fee of £450 to £800 per property and not forgetting the other fee’s they have to pay, THEY DON’T SPEND ANY! The only winners are the fat cats salaries at the top.

  4. Jonnie

    Splendid stuff, all the bellendery and spanking investors dough on TV ads……….but aren’t these firms the last word in technology and all that? Yet here they are, the self proclaimed innovators / ‘proptech’ ( you’d have to thwack anyone that used that expression in a meeting with a massive wet fish across the face) using an advertising medium that’s 60 yeas old, aren’t they supposed to be a bit more, well, ‘new’ than that?




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