Labour will set up non-profit letting agents, says shadow housing minister

Shadow housing minister Teresa Pearce has said that if Labour gets in power it will set up not-for-profit lettings agencies and introduce three-year tenancies as the norm.

Pearce also said Labour would “suspend” Right to Buy.

Speaking at the Labour Party Conference, she said: “In the private rented sector, end of tenancy is a rising cause of homelessness, so we would change the rules on tenancies where a three-year lease becomes the norm.

“Setting up not-for-profit lettings agencies to promote longer-term stable tenancies for responsible tenants and good landlords.

“Introduce a national standard to ensure private rented properties are fit to live in.”

Claiming that Britain is facing the biggest housing crisis in a generation, she said the Tories have no answers.

Pearce serves on Jeremy Corbyn’s current shadow cabinet, where her temporary wider brief includes Communities and Local Government.

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  1. Chri Wood

    … and our brave leader Corbyn persuaded the misguided dragon to be nice by offering him a cup of fair-trade, organic tea and everyone everywhere all lived, happily ever after.

  2. Jrsteeve

    I’m thinking about setting up a political party for the good of the people, no back handers, jobs for school friends or cash for questions. Who’s in?

  3. LondonR90

    “will set up not-for-profit lettings agencies”


    This is nothing new. The likes of Purplebricks have been doing this for years and the market is now saturated.

  4. sanjeev

    I think they should focus on getting their

    own house in order before even thinking about dealing with other peoples houses.


  5. Mark Walker

    Silly, silly, inexperienced ideas, missing the actual housing market problems, interfering in the wrong places.

  6. BillyTheFish

    “end of tenancy is a rising cause of homelessness”

    Not exactly recent news is it?

    Maybe they can also make a pledge to stop local authorities advising TTs to stay in property after S21 given which no doubt would encourage more LLs to take on housing benefit TTs.

  7. marcH

    ‘Scuse me? and where exactly are they going to find the mug landlords to rent out their properties through them? Presumably as part of this ‘not-for-profit’ service they will not be charging tenant fees (right on!) and will therefore have to gouge extortionate fees out of the ‘wicked landlords’. Oh, and who is going to agree 3 year tenancies on those mortgaged properties where the vast bulk of loans are restricted by the banks to 1 year rolling?

    Typical ‘instant solution’ reaction from a Socialist (and increasingly irrelevant) party.

    If the country is facing “the biggest housing crisis in a generation” it’s because Labour deliberately left the door open for 13 years and allowed everybody in. Thanks guys.

  8. femaleagent88

    So they set up a few letting agencies and their landlords are coming from where? If it’s the same place they are coming from now, if a client wants a 3 year tenancy they’ll sign one, why do they think they are going to be able to do something letting agencies can’t do already? A good agent will also ensure a property is fit for purpose before renting it, and also if they are non profit how are they paying for their experienced staff… oh yeah taxes…or they will in fact start chargin and the whole idea will be in the bottom of another bin. What they should be doing is looking at more affordable options for people to buy, for example Homewise are selling an abundance of two bedroom plus houses for the over 60’s at a discounted rate. Now why would over 60’s need so many family homes to choose from… perhaps they should start looking at getting these houses availble to first time buyers on low incomes so they can step out of the rental market.


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