Chris Wood mounts bid to get NAEA election and AGM overturned

Chris Wood, whose application to be a vice-president of NAEA Propertymark earlier this year was blocked, has said he is going to seek to have the election overturned.

Wood, a Cornish independent agent, says he will also seek to get June’s AGM overturned and to make the board subject to a disciplinary procedure.

In an email yesterday to Propertymark executive chairman Christopher Hamer, Wood rejected an offer of an informal meeting with Hamer to try and resolve the matter.

Wood said he saw no point in any further meeting unless mutual legal representatives were in attendance.

Earlier, on August 31, Hamer had written to Wood saying: “I have again reviewed all the correspondence on this matter. As you have noted we dispute that there has been anything unconstitutional in the vice-president selection process and I have to advise you of no change in our stance. At this stage therefore I have nothing further to add to previous exchanges.

“You have expressed a wish to resolve the matter informally and notwithstanding what I have said in the above paragraph, I remain prepared to meet with you. I leave that option with you.”

Wood submitted an application to be vice-president and was summoned to an interview panel. He was then told by Hamer in a letter that his application would go no further. It was therefore not put to the vote of members.

Wood, who subsequently tried – but failed – to have the vice-presidential election halted, claimed that the “pre-selection process” was unconstitutional.

He claimed that the “secret panel and subsequent interview process … is without precedent and is thus a breach of the rules” of the body’s memorandum and articles.

This has been totally denied by Propertmark, which insists that the process had been correct and robust, and in line with Article 30.

Invited to comment on Wood’s latest move, a Propertymark spokesperson last night said: “We are disappointed that Chris Woods has chosen not to engage following our attempts to reach out to him.

“We will not be commenting further on this issue.”

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  1. smile please

    Obviously Chris does not own the correct ‘old school tie

  2. ArthurHouse02

    Spot on Smile. Chris is perfect for this kind of role, someone that works hard for estate agents, someone who would use the position for good, not just a title and then bury their head in the sand. Propertymark is a complete sham doing nothing for anyone, just a money making scheme for themselves. They are no doubt worried that Chris would ruffle a few feathers.

    1. P-Daddy

      His challenge will now flush that out into the open! Go Chris Go!


  3. AgentV

    When you deny the membership of an organisation the ability to vote freely for the people or person they might want, you are acting undemocratically.

    To my mind there is no place for an undemocratic organisation that claims to represent our industry rather than their own interests.

  4. AgencyInsider

    I reject the rather silly assertions that always get thrown around when NAEA/ARLA/propertymark gets mentioned. The organisation is a very long way from being perfect but it does have a good track record in training and qualifications and I would remind readers that many young people have worked hard to obtain their exams and are very proud of their membership qualification.

    Where in the past it has failed miserably is in promoting good agency to consumers. The propertmark initiative leaves me cold but at least they are at last making an effort.

    Where I completely come apart from the organisation is in this matter of Chris Wood’s rejected candidacy. So far I as am aware the NAEA and ARLA are still member bodies and operate on the basis of one vote per member. It has always been the case that ANY paid up member can stand for election.

    I find it utterly insupportable that Wood’s application was summarily rejected and that he was subjected to a process that I have never, ever seen adopted before. It smacks of a kangaroo court.

    As I have said before in a comment, I don’t have a view on whether Chris Wood would be a good bad or indifferent vice president or president – but I absolutely defend his right to stand and to be either adopted or rejected BY THE MEMBERS.

    1. Robert May

      “So far I as am aware the NAEA and ARLA are still member bodies and operate on the basis of one vote per member”

      I attended the AGM this summer, I sat quietly at the back listening and observing.  The majority of just 4.1% of the members who voted for the resolutions voted in favour of NAEA and ARLA ceasing to be a members organisation ( Credit, a respected member of the College of Fellows who were sat in front of me). There is now an executive board who can do pretty much as they wish.

      Propertymark have a membership but is no longer the association you describe.


      Apologies once again for posting


      “THAT!!! Robert May”


      1. AgentV

        If this is true (and I don’t doubt that it is) then they don’t deserve a loyal membership…. especially one that is fast becoming ‘marketing cannon fodder’ for the larger online lister members.

        If I were Chris and I failed in this quest, I would seriously think about starting up a new truly representative and democratic organisation.

      2. P-Daddy

        The industry is evolving and there needs to be a broad chamber of expertise and a variety of articulate characters to represent what is a diverse industry. We need corporate’s, individuals, entrepreneurs including the awkward and maybe even someone to represent the under 30 beard wearing gel haired pointy shoe brigade who will address the President as ‘mate’ and conduct policy meetings on an app and Instagram. You can represent the career agents Chris Wood!

  5. Andrew Overman

    Clearly this toothless organisation (who don’t forget are not there to roll over and have their bellies rubbed, but should actually be raising standards within the industry) feel that Chris has too much bite! Shame really, I can think of no better candidate.

  6. Professional68

    Well done Chris Wood for having the ‘right stuff’ to challenge the undemocratic antics of Propertymark. The organisation with the new brand and advertising campaign should be a beacon of professionalism, instead it continues with internal misuse of power.


  7. RealAgent

    Blocking an application for someone to stand was a bizarre, stupid thing to do. It’s indefensible and almost third world country politics.

    Ive never bothered to vote before but if Chris manages to get this election block overturned I will be now!

    1. smile please

      Only reason they block him to stand is they are scared he will win.

      1. AgentV

        Or they know he will win and that might upset some of their new found online lister friends!

  8. AgentV

    You know what, even British governments take notice of comments and feeling about decisions they make, and reverse them at times in the face of public outrage.

    Just look at the comments above NAEA Propertymark…..there is not one…NOT ONE…backing your stance on this matter.

    You need to reverse this decision and let Chris Wood stand in an election that is as democratic as our country is. Otherwise, you stand to lose all credibility, and will be seen as self serving, rather than representing your member’s interests!!!


  9. NewsBoy

    Wow.  Chris has certainly started a healthy debate this morning. I have to agree with AgencyInsider.  NAEA/ARLA are not perfect and are easy pickings for criticism but they both do a great deal for the profession, the public and their membership.

    However on this point and a number of others, they are completely in the wrong. The NAEA/ARLA boards, now overseen by a faceless NFoPP board are completely devoid of any personal contact with the members and  misunderstand the views of the members. We don’t like people being excluded because they don’t quite fit a profile dreamed up by a group of invisible people. If NFoPP really is democratic let’s see some of it in action, rather than, as they have done with the area reps, choosing the people the chief executives think they can control.

    Well done Chris for standing up for the individual members – not something that any of the chief executives seem to have done for the last 5 years. They seem more keen of toadying up to the likes of PurpleBricks and Rightmove, actions which find zero support from the membership – but still, what do they matter!


  10. anon-mon73

    Think any action is going to cost money.


    Starting a new organisation as mentioned above is really too expensive – to get an established organisation changed to work for the good of the industry…there’s a thought.

    Maybe a fighting fund can be started (when needed) to get the right leal panel working to ensure no stone is left unturned?


    Just a thought

    1. Robert May

      Ciela have attempted a new organisation and we are all waited with baited breath on the big reveal, any day now.

      While things like respect and integrity were values dear to most people  a members organisation  stood a chance of being something and achieving its aims. At the AGM  I sat behind a row of people I have a long standing, genuine,respect for, the College of Fellows; the likes of Mr Hair and Mr Clapp.  At lunch, while sat next to another Association ‘great’ Patrick Bullick I was treated to what Propertymark’s future looks like; I listened with some amusement as an angry, aggressive forthright character vented his thoughts about the trouble with the anonymous posters on Property Industry Eye and “THAT! Robert May” The bloke made it very clear what  he thought of anyone who dared to have an opinion that differs from a  very closed executive.

      The only hope Propertymark has of retaining any dignity is Jan Hytch, the only person at the AGM  to recognise the anger and frustration of the old guard who have put so much into the association who have genuine concerns for the future.

      A new trade association might be difficult to achieve but a that is nowhere near as difficult as recovering from discord that simply won’t go away.

      I gave up my Fellowship of NAEA when we were NFOPPed but rejoined hoping the association would take an interest in the breaches of CPR and BPR I am able to evidence and worked with a few others to control (but still evidence on a daily basis) they weren’t interested in the slightest and rather embarrassing claimed portaljuggling causes house prices to rise.

      FNAEA used to mean something, it still does to those who understood the experience and character required to achieve a Fellowship.  If people like Chris are unwelcome, the opinion College of Fellows not respected,  all Propertymark has become is a training service supplier that sells CMP and PI cover, that is not hard to replicate and rather than costly it would be profitable.


      1. AgentV

        I’m sorry Robert, but I have to ask….. did they mention AgentV at all in their scathing attacks on PIE posters. I would be disappointed if they didn’t read my considered and reserved suggestions on how they could improve their modern offering to members!

        1. Robert May

          Sorry V  you weren’t mentioned

          1. AgentV

            Disappointing…..if I am honest I don’t mind about them not mentioning AgentV, but I hoped they were hearing the message about not letting some larger members openly and publicly ridicule the majority of their smaller members. Clearly they are not listening….oh well.

  11. Chris Wood

    For the full reasoning behind this story, read my latest blog post, published today.

    “Why the NAEA/ Propertymark board and exec have questions to answer and why I resigned as President Elect all those years ago.” 

    1. PeeBee

      I genuinely implore people to click the above link – an absolute “MUST READ” if you have any real passion whatsoever for our industry!

  12. OldDuffersClub65

    Here we have association that is run by the “Old Duffer Club”.  They do what they want regardless of whats best for the industry & the members.  It would appear that the interview process for all incoming candidates for President is rigged.  Its a case of ‘if your face fits’. Chris Wood I applaud you for making stand.

  13. Chris Wood

    I’d like to thank all those who’ve commented or liked but would now ask that NAEA members start asking questions of the board and executive. This is our association and it should be run democratically for the benefit of all members of all business models complying with the rules of the association and the law of the land.

  14. Shaun77

    You would have thought that Haymer would at least have bothered to get Chris’ name right

    1. Robert May

      Oh the irony; you spelled Hamor wrong!

  15. David B

    Good luck Chris.

    Lets hope IS has not given this members association any grandiose ideas of self enrichment by linking up with one of our call centre competitors looking for free LPE’s and local representation?


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