Rise in private rental stock more than triples increase in owner-occupier homes

The latest official estimates on housing stock in England have been published by the Government.

As of March 31 last year, there were 23.5m homes – up by 171,000 on March 31, 2014.

Of that number, 14.7m were owner occupied, 4.7m were in the private rented sector and 4m were social rented homes.

Between March 2014 and March last year, private rented dwelling stock increased more than owner-occupied stock – 125,000 as opposed to 37,000.

Social rented housing rose by 19,000 while other public sector stock shrank by 9,000 dwellings.

There are also estimates of vacant homes in England, made on October 5 last year.

According to DCLG, there were 600,179 empty homes, a decrease from 610,123 the previous October.


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  1. Will

    So Public stock dropped by 9,000 so this is a real effort by councils to deal with their housing shortages!  Does this not demonstrate the government are encouraging privatization of the housing sector whilst publicly attacking it at every opportunity for political purposes.

  2. ringi

    I expect that “other public sector stock” is not councils, as council homes will come under “Social rented housing”.


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